Weleda Econic AwardBehind many brands there’s a highly individual company philosophy, and never more so than with green beauty pioneer Weleda. When it comes to being green and ethical, Weleda has shown true commitment from the very outset, since the company was established in Switzerland in 1921.

Weleda’s approach to health care is holistic, acknowledging that true well-being is a balance of mind, body and spirit. This thinking is at the heart of Weleda, and has shaped the company over the decades, providing a strong sense of identity and direction.

Weleda now operates across 53 countries and four continents, with over 1,800 employees and sustaining more than 100 fairtrade partnerships. They make a wide range of everyday essentials that nourish your skin and revive your senses.

This includes Weleda’s new Pomegranate Regenerating Bodycare to help prevent fine lines and age spots, and reduce the visible signs of ageing. It’s Weleda’s most powerful beauty line yet, packed full of natural ingredients (certified 100% natural by the global certification scheme NaTrue) rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and organic pomegranate from Weleda’s fair trade farming partnership in Turkey.

One of Weleda’s founders, scientist and philosopher Rudolph Steiner, was a man ahead of his time. He established biodynamic agriculture and is credited with contributing significantly to the modern organic farming movement. This respect for the environment underpins Weleda nearly 80 years on, and the company’s original mission statement, ‘working in harmony with nature’, still appears on packs today.



Creative Director: Damian Santamaria
Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield
Stylist: Io Takemura  /  Assistant: Iki Chen
Hair: Akio Nishiyama
Make-up: Ken Nakano at GCAgency using M.A.C
Garment design: Wan Chun Tsai
Gloves and red skirt: Beyond Retro
Rings: Natalie Dissel
Model: Keeley at Nevs




The Organic Pharmacy

Organic Pharmacy Econic AwardThe Organic Pharmacy began when pharmacist and homoeopath Margo Marrone became aware that some ingredients found in cosmetics could be damaging to health.

With the help of her husband Francesco, a designer, and building on her own expertise, the first Organic Pharmacy flagship store opened in London’s Kings Road in 2002. The Organic Pharmacy now has six stores, five in London and one in LA. Francesco had a clear design vision for The Organic Pharmacy: it would be a modern environment, stylish, comfortable and at the same time professional, a place where today’s shopper would feel at ease.

Margo’s vision was for a homoeopathic and herbal pharmacy where anyone could walk in with their health or beauty query and get the best professional advice from qualified staff. The shelves would be stocked with organic products, all of which had satisfied Margo’s checklist.

Every Organic Pharmacy product begins with a solution in mind, whether it is a tincture, supplement, homoeopathic remedy or skincare product. Each product is exceptional, free from toxic ingredients and delivers outstanding results while respecting both the customer and the environment from plant to finished product.







Creative Director: Damian Santamaria
Photography: Marcelo Benfield
Styling and Garment Design: Io Takemura
Hair: Yuhi Kim using THERAPI
Make-up: Kanako Yoshida
Model: Elena Fernandes at Nevs



Grampus Heritage

grampus econic awardGrampus Heritage was formed in 1997 as the not-for-profit division of a forestry and environmental company. Since then, the organisation has become the UK’s leading promoter in the European Union’s Directorate of Education and Culture programmes Leonardo da Vinci and Culture 2007–2013, and has worked in 32 European states. Director Martin Clark explains that ‘Grampus is all about sustainability and local, rural people prospering and making the best use of their cultural and natural assets.’

To achieve this, Grampus works to update traditional skills and find new markets for local rural products. The process is best done in partnership and Grampus, from Cumbria in the north-west of England, links to other remote areas such as the Devetaki plateau in Bulgaria, the Troodos mountains in Cyprus, the Ipel’ river valley in southern Slovakia, Transylvania in Romania, the Dübener Heide in Germany, the Karst region of Slovenia, Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland and the Estonian island of Saaremaa.

Martin believes strongly that confidence and empowerment areessential ingredients for successful and sustainable rural economies. A recent project involved Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia and Scotland and looked at ways of incorporating culture and nature into contemporary art – including wearable art. A range of fantastic costume emerged, including this wool and recycled fabric dress worn by Monica Oprean from Sibiu in Romania. Monica worked with Adriana Patkova (peg-loom weaving) from Slovakia, Jenny Bush (wool processing and ‘big knitting’) and Sara Gadd (millinery) from Cumbria. The resulting dress is a unique piece not intended for commercialisation but is meant to raise the profile of wool and sustainable rural development by empowering the creative spirit in local rural people and giving them a confidence boost.



Creative direction: Damian Santamaria
Photography: Marcelo Benfield
Garment design: Monica Oprean
Styling: Io Takemura
Hair: Akio Nishiyama @ GCAgency /  Assistant: Shiho
Make-up: Kanako Yoshida using Mac Pro
Model: Magdalena Wróblewska



Linden Leaves

linden leaves econic awardLinden Leaves was founded 15 years ago by entrepreneur Brigit Blair in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a philosophy to create products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul, the company provides a range of natural, effective ways in which to care for body and mind.

So successful was she in her vision, Blair was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in April 2010 in recognition of her services to business. She has won numerous awards for her innovations in skin care, and now the recently launched website will enable the company to bring her affordable luxury to a much wider audience.

Using natural ingredients, and making the most of the vast array of botanicals that New Zealand has to offer, Blair bases the 200-strong product range on a passion for quality processes and well-blended aromatics. The Aromatherapy Synergy range provides four sets of products, all specifically tailored for different moods, based on their scents and ingredients.

Using essential oils, plant-derived exfoliants, natural moisturisers and fruit-flavoured fragrances, Linden Leaves is unique in its drive for guarding and protecting the New Zealand environment. In order to further the sustainability of the range, many of the products are handmade, with the body oils containing hand-harvested natural botanicals.
Linden Leaves products are available internationally.



Creative Direction: Damian Santamaria
Photography: Charl Marais
Styling: Io Takemura
Hair and Make-up: Bianca Hartkopf
Model: Nati @ Select








Since 2007 Sublime rewards business that can be trusted by customers with the Sublime Brand endorsement badge. This badge allows businesses to promote their products and services as items that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally and socially friendly manner.

At Sublime we believe that labeling is a good way to build a better relationship and understanding between customer and companies. In a larger scale, this contributes to consolidate and validate innovative and socially responsible business models across the business to consumer sector.

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