Friday 11 October 2019

Sustainable Surfing

Written by Jasmina Matulewicz

Sustainable Surfing

The global surf community has exceeded 35 million people, and while campaigns led by surfers push authorities to take greater care of the marine environment, the solution for a sustainable surf tourism model may have been found.

'Surfonomics’ can have detrimental impacts on local communities. In response to the social and environmental harm caused by unregulated tourism in popular surf towns, the SUSPIRO Sustainable Surf Tourism Model offers an innovative approach to community-led alternatives to development in surfing destinations.

The non-profit project based in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, aims to support sustainable surf tourism community initiatives across Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

The money raised via crowd-funding will sponsor SUSPIRO’s first project and directly help to strengthen social and ecological wellbeing, prevent overdevelopment, and fortify local communities, reversing the environmental impacts of a $50 billion industry.

Play Hermosa is one of Costa Rica’s many Blue Flag beaches, an award given to those that demonstrate high environmental standards and excellent safety facilities. Local tourist companies regularly organise fishing trips, scuba diving, kayaking, and so on, making the spot perfect for the SUSPIRO sustainability project.

You can support the SUSPIRO initiative here.

Other campaigns for the protection of the environment set up by surf communities include Surfers Against Sewage and the Surfrider Foundation.

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