17 September 2021

Sublime Hub

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Sublime magazine believes that educating creative writers, designers, and publishers is key to accelerating a worldwide shift towards social and environmental sustainability. With that vision in mind, we have set up SublimeHub, offering skill-based training to the new generation of media activists and influencers.

Since its inception in 2004, Sublime has been helping universities, colleges, and educational institutions to develop practical, innovative programmes and outcomes on ethical, sustainable, social, and environmental issues, whether through magazine content or other ventures.

This summer marked the first SublimeHub two-week training scheme in partnership with LDN Apprenticeships, an organisation that helps school-leavers and those without a formal education break into the creative industries.

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During this time, participants gained and built on their practical skills by taking on roles like editorial assistant, press tour organiser, writer, photo editor, and social media manager. Workshops included obtaining and carrying out interviews for Q&A-style pieces, liaising with book publishers to secure material for review, and taking part in seminars on topics like starting up their own publication and monetisation in the media.

The practical training ended with each participant writing two articles - a personal piece and a collaborative group project - for publication on sublimemagazine.com, this way expanding their professional portfolios and building confidence.

The programme also consisted of occasional tours around Highgate village, making the most of the area’s literary heritage. This included trips to Charles Dickens’ and Samuel T Coleridge’s houses and visiting the graves of famous writers at Highgate Cemetery. These included:

  • Karl Marx: socialist revolutionary who wrote The Communist Manifesto
  • Christina Rossetti: famous poet, known for the poem-turned-Christmas carol In the Bleak Midwinter
  • Douglas Adams: author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans): English novelist, known for Middlemarch

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‘Our goal is to prepare critical minds and independent voices that will challenge the status quo of the media and change the world for the better.’
Damian Santamaria, founder, Sublime Magazine

Here we share the 2021 SublimeHub participants’ experiences:

Halima: ‘Interning at Sublime magazine has been very fulfilling. I have learned so much about journalism and the publishing industry both online and in print during my time here. Best of all, getting the opportunity to have my own article published by Sublime has allowed me to challenge myself in new ways. It’s all been very exciting!’

Read Halima's final project. 

Kitty: ‘My most rewarding experience was probably the pitch meeting in week one when we had to figure out the subject of the article we would be writing. I already had in mind some of the wildlife advocates and organisations that I knew of, but this project gave me the opportunity to explore in depth how these organisations are helping to bring birdwatching to new generations and people previously cut off from the natural world.’

Read Kitty's final project. 

Emily: ‘I took on the role of editorial assistant, managing multiple projects. I believe that the experience I have gained from Sublime has prepared me for the world of employment and helped to establish my future dream career.’

Read Emily's final project.

Daisy ‘Since finishing my placement I have been asked back by other employers to interview and have even been offered one position! I believe that I wouldn't be here without the skills gained from my experience with Sublime - the key is to keep consistent and to work at staying relevant, but most importantly you need to be passionate about what you do.’

Read Daisy's final project.

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