Monday 6 June 2016

Digital Transparency

Digital Transparency

Designer label S M K has introduced QR codes in their digital care labels for the FW16-17 collection. Customers can now easily trace how and where the clothes were made, by simply scanning the QR code on with their phone

In August 2014, designer Sandra Meynier Kang took a new start for her label (formerly YesImfrench) that was to reflect more closely Sandra’s values, identity and future ambitions. ‘YesImfrench conveyed an ephemeral, territorial identity (a French in Korea), and was restraining the label’s true essence and ethos,’ she comments.

But the rebirth of the brand under the name S M K – Sandra Meynier Kang – is not just about the reshape of the logo, although the symmetric M, as well as echoing the number 11 has a symbolic meaning of force, vitality and femininity characteristic of S M K. A higher priority was to make its sustainable values more explicit to customers, a driver that guided the development of the new brand identity.

Constantly seeking for sustainable materials or solutions, S M K attempts to use less harmful components for her collections balancing with the season’s possibilities, respecting market leading trends and meeting the clients’ expectations. S M K has developed a sustainable manifesto, and is committed to abide to it season after season. And now the brand is making itself accountable by providing customers with information via the newly introduced QR coded labels.

Priority 1 – Animal Protection

S M K does not use fur or natural leather. Within this sustainable statement, synthetic leather is a choice that is justified by the designer values.

The wool, cashmere or any other hair material is sourced after carefully checking with the suppliers the provenance and the conception of the final material.

Priority 2 – Buy Local

S M K manufactures all of its collections in the area of Janghan Dong (Seoul, Korea), where the factory director always makes the best efforts to understand the needs and ethos of the brand.

Samples are made in Sindang Dong ( in Seoul, KOREA); thanks to the qualitative work of our sample maker; director of her own sample room.

S M K buys all fabrics, accessories and trims in South Korea, mainly from the Dongdaemun market and from Seoul based online suppliers. S M K’s supplier for organic cottons and sweatshirts is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard.

Priority 3 – Social, human and volunteer implication with a new association/collaboration for each collection

S M K is committed to donate 5% of each collection benefits to a non-profit organisation working for a cause related to the theme that provided inspiration for the season’s collection.

Priority 4 – Components, Materials and Fabrics are chosen thoroughly upon their composition and availability in the local market

S M K endeavours to carefully select available and local materials upon their composition to create the collections.

The time spent on the research of the materials is a very important part of the process, because it provides the basis for the collection’s theme and looks.

Find out more at sandrameynierkang.com

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