Rob Ryan’s ‘Small Girl’ Silk Scarf

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Ryan’s East London studio must be splitting at the seams with his body of work encompassing multiple book covers as well as collaborations with Paul Smith, Lulu Guinness, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty. One of his most recent collaborations is the Small Girl silk scarf.

Working alongside NV London Calcutta, Ryan has created one of his signature intricate paper cuts, depicting a bird scene, flowers, girls and shoes. Paying tribute to Britain, the limited edition scarf is designed in the colours of the Union flag and uses environmentally sustainable toxic free dyes. 

The production process is fervently ethical and traditional. Made from hand woven silk, the edges of the scarf are hand-rolled by Murshidabad Woman’s Co-operative Group. Ryan’s design is also screened by hand. Each of the 100 scarves are presented in a tissue covered box and come with a signed hand screened message from the artist. Additionally, every scarf is numbered and signed by Rob Ryan.

A sustainable and ethical enterprise, NV London Calcutta uses a ‘non for profit’ manufacturer, and is a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum India as well as the World Fair Trade Organisation. The founding philosophy of the company is to tackle the growing poverty in the area by making businesses both ethically accountable and resourceful to the community. To this end, autonomy is given back to the workers with fairer wages and the potential to improve their craft. 

Combining ethics with aesthetics, the British designs are materialized into bags and accessories all handmade in Calcutta. The craftsmanship is authentic and traditional, whilst the materials used are acquired from the surrounding region, ensuring the community benefits are felt at grass roots level. The result is a beautifully designed scarf made in a truly ethical way.

Priced at 105.00, the Small Girl Silk Scarf is available to purchase on the NV London Calcutta website. For further details please go to


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