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Treat yourself to end-of-season essentials that your body – and the planet – will thank you for with Sublime magazine’s roundup of the best eco-friendly summer sales


This haircare brand specialising in Afro hair understands that every curl, coil, and kink is unique, and so developed a range of vegan products that blends organic ingredients with the synergy of research and the founders’ own experiences.

Afrocenchix launched in 2008 and today supplies everything from sulphate-free cleansers to nourishing conditioners and styling solutions, packed with natural ingredients like aloe vera, grapeseed, avocado and coconut oil, and shea and mango butter, each product designed to nurture and protect all hair types and textures. They take pride in formulating products that work harmoniously with the hair’s natural structure, helping customers achieve healthy, vibrant locks from root to tip.

Take the Swish Shampoo that delicately cleanses, maintaining moisture balance, the Swirl Conditioner that hydrates the hair and helps with detangling or the Smooth Moisturising Hair Cream that hydrates and reduces breakage and frizz – it’s all wonderfully easy to use. The Afrocenchix Sheen Moisturising Spray adds moisture and shine to your curls, the Seal Natural Hair Oil seals in moisture, and the Spring Twisting Butter provides shine and a lightweight hold while their Soothe Scalp Oil alleviates dryness for a healthier scalp.

Over the years, the brand has fostered a community of self-love and empowerment, joined in the belief that embracing your natural hair is a powerful statement of self-acceptance and pride. From coils to braids, Afros to protective styles, Afrocenchix is a platform that celebrates the versatility of natural hair and supports customers through every step of their hair journey.

Sustainability is at the heart of Afrocenchix, too – every product embodies a commitment to reducing environmental impact, embracing eco-friendly packaging and fostering ethical sourcing practices.

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In the bustling streets of Stockholm, all-inclusive e-bike membership service MOVS is transforming the way people move around the city. With an emphasis on sustainability, style, and convenience, MOVS is quickly becoming the go-to choice for eco-conscious commuters and adventurous city explorers who want to enjoy the luxury of a premium e-bike without making a purchase. MOVS members gain hassle-free access to exclusive e-bikes for a fixed monthly fee, service and repairs included.

Building on their success in blending style and functionality, MOVS is set to unveil a new generation of cutting-edge electric bicycles: Nörd and Ergo. The sleek Nörd takes urban mobility to new heights with its innovative features and intuitive design – with a belt drive system, the model ensures a smooth and silent ride, free from traditional chains. But what truly sets the Nörd apart is its sixth sense-like responsiveness, as if it understands the rider’s intentions, anticipating and effortlessly adapting to their movements. The Ergo was designed to turn heads – also constructed with MOVS’ elegant Uniframe design, it showcases a seamless fusion of form and function, easily carrying a day’s worth of packing.

‘Good design should not only be visually appealing, but must be functional and enhance the overall experience. Our e-bikes feature clean lines, concealed cables, integrated lighting, and accessories, allowing riders to roam the city in style – effortlessly and efficiently,’ says Jonas Rundqvist, Head of Design. MOVS e-bikes are not just means of transportation; they are expressions of personal style and a commitment to a greener future. For those ready to elevate their urban mobility experience and make a positive impact on the environment, make sure to keep MOVS on your radar. 


The leading one-stop-shop for a sustainable lifestyle, Veo showcases thousands of unique products from over 350 independent brands spanning fashion, beauty, food, health and wellness, and home. It’s everything you need to live and shop consciously.

On a mission to make sustainability attainable, Veo stands firm on their values: kind, healthy, and sustainable. This means no greenwashing, no fast fashion, and no products that are produced irresponsibly. They seek to disrupt outdated economics, and support the move to new and positive systems – regenerative, closed loop, circular systems – that reinvent the relationship between business and consumer. This forms the catalyst for change, to inspire a profound shift in how we live, produce, and consume, all the while revamping the very nature of supply and demand for the better.

Veo recognises it can be hard to find brands that tick all the boxes, which is why all brands and products listed in their range have been thoroughly assessed and approved by an award-winning criteria for your peace of mind.

They bring everything together in one convenient place, providing a community for shoppers to lead healthier and happier lives through use of products that not only last longer, but are of higher quality and better alternatives to those widely available.

You can explore Veo’s end-of-season essentials and bag yourself a conscious bargain with their sale items, reduced to allow discontinued styles to find a good home and to make ethical shopping more accessible to all.

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This Swedish water purification and beverage company is a catalyst for sustainable change. Bluewater offers tangible solutions for a world growing short of high-quality water and threatened by throwaway plastic water bottles. Based in Stockholm, they prides themselves on innovating practical water purification solutions and beverages that offer an alternative to single-use plastic.

Bluewater has set its sights on being the world’s most planet-friendly beverage company by innovating disruptive water purification technologies to use at home, work, and on-the-go. Providing health-enhancing hydration solutions generated and distributed at the point of use – combined with reusable stainless steel and glass bottles – allows Bluewater to break the stranglehold of single-use plastic bottles and their unnecessary, polluting transportation.

Founder and CEO Bengt Rittri is one of Sweden’s leading environmental entrepreneurs, and believes we can harness human ingenuity to tackle the environmental challenges faced by the planet. His ambition is for Bluewater to tap into the creative, conceptual approach he dubs ‘social water’ – it’s all about changing attitudes in how individuals and communities access and use water for drinking and washing. ‘Bluewater offers practical solutions that help governments, local authorities, businesses, and consumers accelerate their collective and individual efforts to avoid a fast-growing, planet-wide water crisis,’ he explains.

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