Monday 2 August 2021

Respect The Bees

Written by Emily Bowles

Respect The Bees

For AW/21, sustainable clothing brand Save The Duck has launched ‘We Respect Bees’. Sublime explores the new campaign, which highlights the crucial role bees play in biodiversity.

Save the Duck, a sustainable, 100% animal-free brand that focuses on outerwear, is launching a campaign in honour of bees. ‘Respect the Bees’ is a part of a larger educational environmentalist movement titled ‘Think Higher’, which is set to launch alongside the Autumn/ Winter 2021 collection. Save The Duck are the first Italian company to receive B-corp certification. They continue to show their appreciation for mother nature by choosing to use bees as the protagonists for the campaign.

IMG 2668 OKBeekeeper Cecilia, Apicoltura Colle Salera.

The company, Save The Duck is well known for using nature as its source of inspiration. With this campaign, they want to spread awareness about the importance of bees for biodiversity, telling an inspiring story about a genuine relationship between humans, nature and animals.

Save The Duck puts nature, wildlife, and the planet at the forefront of their company. They were recognised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for the protection of over 20 million ducks, as well as their uninterrupted commitment to the planet.

The faces of the campaign are experienced beekeepers and lifetime bee lovers: Cecilia, Walter and Flavio Pace from Apicoltura Colle Salera beekeeping farm. Founded in 1979, Apicoltura Colle Salera is a family-owned company that has produced high-quality certified organic monofloral honey for over 20 years. Adopting a nomadic beekeeping system: the hives and the beekeeper travel together from place to place to hunt the blooms of their target flower. The company is based in Abruzzo and is home to thousands of hives and award-winning honey.

IMG 2714 OKBeekeeper Walter, Apicoltura Colle Salera.

The creative director for Marco Rubiola designed and photographed Cecilia, Walter and Flavio wearing Save The Duck’s iconic garments. The brand continues to deliver a rich heritage of values and experiences through its products, and the use of high-quality GIGA textiles creates a unique statement piece suitable for daily wear.

To celebrate their dedication to the beekeeper community and the protection of biodiversity, Save the Duck are working with 3Bee to support several beehives across Italy, including Apicoltura Colle Salera.

3Bee are an Italian Agri-tech start-up company with the objective to provide innovative systems which cater to the health and wellbeing of bees and the overall management.


Their work with 3Bee and other beekeepers continues as they establish a social media campaign to continue protecting bees. The campaign will showcase detailed photographs of the hives as well as Save The Duck garments captured in the most picturesque locations.

Visit the Save the Duck’s website or check them out on Instagram to find out more.

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