Friday 24 November 2017

Reshaping Fashion

Written by Editorial Team

Reshaping Fashion

The future of fashion is constantly evolving, and an event held in East London on 2 December intends to explore radical fashion ideas that challenge unsustainable fast fashion.

‘Reshaping Fashion: talks, swapping and making’ is calling young, crafty and passionate fashionistas who care about the future of the industry and its impact on the environment to attend.

‘Craftivism, ‘upcycling’, DIY and open design practices are contemporary design approaches that make designing and making circular textiles a possibility, to foster a future for fashion that is sustainable.

This event is hands-on. Everyone will get an opportunity to try out some of the ideas that will be discussed, including practical textile upcycling activities, to see some digital making ideas in action and a chance to put together your own fashion activism.

The speakers will include Dr Laura Santamaria, Editor of Sublime Magazine and Farah Ahmed from Julie’s Bicycle. The event will include a clothes swap, demonstrations on garment upcycling, refitting and personalisation.

Do not miss it.

Event Schedule

10.00-10.30: Arrive / Co­ffee
11.00-12.30: Talks
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-16.30: Do-It-Yourself Workshops

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