Thursday 27 May 2021

Purato Wines, Green to the Extreme

Written by Sublime Team

Purato Wines, Green to the Extreme

The name “Purato” comes from “pura”, meaning pure in English and it just about sums up what Purato is all about – wine in its purest form.

Wine is a natural product, defined by the quality of the grapes. This is why Purato choose to make organic wines – with no pesticides or chemicals used while growing the grapes and none added during the wine-making process.

Purato wines are made on the island of Sicily in Italy, which has the ideal climate for growing organic grapes, with its abundant sunshine, low rainfall and cooling sea breezes. As well as being better for the planet and for our bodies, organic wines also taste better.  All the materials – glass, cardboard, paper are all eco-friendly, recyclable and super-sustainable Purato wines are also carbon neutral as well as vegan-friendly – truly “green to the extreme”!


Wine drinkers who care about the environment, who are vegetarian or vegan, can rest assured that as well as being a range of highly characterful, delicious Sicilian wines, Purato are wines with a conscience, they are all:

Certified organic
Ten years of being certified organic, we know what we’re dealing with and we’re more convinced than ever that this is the only way forward for winemaking, giving the very best results in terms of quality at the same time as limiting our impact on the planet.

Vegan friendly
Purato do not use any animal-derived products during the wine-making process, making our wines inclusive for all.

Carbon Neutral
Their work behind becoming and remaining Carbon Neutral is significant and continuous. Once the initial assessment was completed the company had the exact figure for carbon emissions made, so they knew what they needed to off-set initially. Purato decided to use their Carbon Credits on rain forest conservation such us the Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation project, which is both highly successful and fascinating, doing vital work to prevent the deforestation of rainforest in the Amazon Basin.

Sustainable/recycled materials
We don’t just “tick the box” in terms of using sustainable materials. We have spent a lot of time and effort in doing the best we can – both in terms of quality and environmental impact. In our packaging, we use: 100% recycled cardboard, minimum 80% recycled glass, and our labels are made 100% from paper coming from responsible sources.

A Purato style for every occasion:

Purato Cataratto/Pinot Grigio
A blend of the native Sicilian Cataratto grape and the very well-known Pinot Grigio grape variety, which originates the north of Italy, but grows extremely well on the island. The perfect aperitif, Purato Cataratto/Pinot Grigio is delicious drunk chilled, on a terrace or in the garden. There are some lovely tropical fruits on the bouquet.  On the palate, there is a perfect balance of tropical fruit flavours and lovely refreshing acidity.  Delicious on its own, or with salads.

Purato Rosé
Nothing beats a chilled glass of Sicilian rosato on a warm summer’s evening!  The organic Purato rosé is a lovely dry, crisp style of rosé, it suits any kind of occasion and complements a variety of different dishes. Purato rosé is made primarily from Sicily’s number one grape variety, Nero d’Avola, blended with a small proportion of other local red grapes and all of course the grapes are all grown organically. An energetic, vivacious rosé, which has some lovely summer fruit flavours, such as strawberries and cherries, combined with an elegant minerality.  Perfect with grilled vegetables.

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Purato Nero d’Avola
Many people think of Sicilian reds as being very robust and tannic, but this is not the case with this reds, including the Purato Nero d’Avola which is packed with punchy fruit, it is smooth and silky, with lovely black fruit flavours.  Vegan-friendly, this is a versatile, easy-going red, which goes with all sorts of dishes – Great with pasta and a simple tomato sauce, but it’s also the perfect pizza wine and a lovely glass just to sip on its own.

Purato Spumante Brut
Made from the indigenous Sicilian grape variety Grillo, this is a delicious and completely dry alternative to Prosecco. Grillo Spumante has fine, gentle bubbles and a fresh fruity note with hints of citrus combined with floral notes.  Beautifully balanced, gentle and soft with a refreshing burst of acidity and lovely fruit flavours.  An affordable and green way to celebrate any special occasion.

Purato wines are available in the UK from Ocado, Abel & Cole and other high street retailers at £8.99-£9.99 (Purato Spumante is around £11.99).  The wines are available in markets across the world, 



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