22 January 2021

Planet Positive Brands'21

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Stylist/Model: Sarah Kate Byrne, Photo: Georgina Preston
Reconciliation Project

Aiming for a positive impact on our planet is not only the moral thing to do; it is good business. Sublime introduces five companies that are contributing to a better world, and whether it’s through their conscious production methods, their dedication to the zero-waste movement, or their care for the environment, they’re truly shaping the future of business.

Roscomar 1Roscomar

A global sneaker brand founded in 2017 and headed by CEO Johan Olsson has committed to a new carbon-neutral model.  After seeing growth through 2018 and 19 Olsson decided to hit pause on the brand in its original form, partly due to the effects of Covid on the industry, but mostly to take time for introspection and sustainable improvement.
Roscomar offer two footwear styles, the Court and Rv3 , everyday sneakers for every occasion. Both styles have outsole units engineered using 90% natural & recycled rubber, Roscomar’s natural rubber (60%) is biodegradable, and as it is grown responsibly, increases biodiversity and absorbs carbon. Insoles are made from 100% recyclable PU and midsoles of 69% sugarcane, a renewable bio- logical fiber. Compared to traditional EVA foam, which is petroleum-based, sugarcane is better for the environment with much lower CO2 emissions.

Whilst the industry average sneaker carbon footprint is 12.5kg C02e, Roscomar’s sneakers have smaller footprints of 6.5kg for Rv3 and 9.7kg for Court, but that’s not small enough. That’s why Roscomar give detailed material descriptions and meticulously measure their environmental impact (via an accredited third-party environmental consultancy). Until Roscomar’s emissions are zero, they offset all remaining footprint with the UN program Climate Neutral Now. They hold themselves to account and strive for improvement at all stages of design and production to ensure the Roscomar product is the highest sustainable standard it can be.

The afterlife of a sneaker is just as important as the birth and life, a traditional sneaker sole can last up to 1,000 years in landfill. Afterlife is the Roscomar-recycling program, they offer free end-of-life returns, which means that they can take your old Roscomars and reincarnate them into a variety of new materials, both within fashion (closed loop circularity) and other industries such as for construction materials (open loop circularity) ensuring nothing ends up in landfill or incineration.


3Hannah Sophia England

Striving to change the mind-set that clothes are disposable, and helping spread the message that clothing should be cherished for years, Hannah Sophia England creates a range of ethically crafted heritage pieces that can be worn in four unique waystripling the average use of a dress.
“In a world where fashion is still widely viewed as being disposable, we believe in encouraging women to cherish each piece and one day pass it down to her next generation. A Hannah Sophia England dress will become a timeless piece of your legacy.” - Hannah-Sophia
The dresses are packaged within a preservation box, therefore encouraging the consumer to wear their clothing time and time again and promote the longevity of the dress.
Every item designed by Hannah Sophia England is made from natural fabric, all of which will be dyed and printed in-house (Stamford, England) using organic natural dyes. They have committed to not allowing fabric to end up in landfill and damage the environment, instead they pride themselves on using scraps/fabrics to repurpose them by transforming scraps into accessories/trims and limited edition collections.
The garments are all meticulously crafted in Stamford by fairly paid dressmakers. In addition, for each dress bought, a tree is planted, helping to create natural habitats for local wildlife, reducing CO2 emissions and saving local wildlife from extinction. (HSE planting days have become a local event encouraging our next generation to get involved and helping create a more sustainable future for them.)
Head over to Hannah Sophia England to view their collection


Sublime BoojaBooja SquareBooja-Booja

From delicious, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate truffles to scrumptious ice creams shwoozled with ripples and whirls, Booja-Booja creates some of the most heavenly treats you’ll ever encounter with just a handful of natural ingredients, all organic and all 100 percent vegan.

Respect for the planet and the people and animals on it underpins everything the Norfolk-based company does. Certified organic by the Soil Association, it uses only ingredients that have been produced in harmony with the natural environment, without the use of weedkillers and chemical pesticides. There are no artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives either - Booja-Booja is all about creating naturally wholesome, joyful delights. 

With eight ice cream flavours and twelve chocolate truffle flavours available in a variety of pack sizes, everything Booja-Booja makes is vegan and cruelty-free. Ice cream is created from a creamy cashew base, and a unique blend of chocolate and coconut oil makes the chocolate truffles sumptuously smooth. The production team then uses carefully selected ingredients like sweet roasted Italian hazelnuts, Cornish sea salt, Mexican coffee, and Fine de Champagne to create the mouth-watering array of truffle and ice cream varieties in the Booja-Booja range. Not an animal-derived product in sight, but plenty of flavoursome, high quality ingredients meticulously blended in pursuit of ultimate taste perfection.

Booja-Booja is one of the leading ‘free from’ confectionery brands in the UK, pioneering for over 20 years. The company has won 140 awards, including 46 prestigious Great Taste Awards, the FAIR Trophy for Best Free From Food in 2019 and Best Vegan Ice Cream at the Vegfest UK Awards for three years running. 


SquareSOPHISTICATEDAphrodite Razors

A brand born out of the determination to help women make eco-friendly lifestyle choices, the work of Aphrodite Razors means that beauty regimes don’t have to impact the beauty of the planet.

Entrepreneurs Emma and Dan were drawn to the overlooked statistics on plastic-containing razor usage and noticed that there was an opportunity to encourage women to make a difference by changing the way they shave. In 2019, over five million people in the UK alone were using disposable razors, with over 13 million using plastic-containing cartridge razors. These are pretty big numbers, and when multiplied by the number of disposables are thrown away daily, that’s a lot of single-use plastic to wrap your head around.

Aphrodite Razors is the UK’s first 100 percent plastic-free razor subscription service specifically for women. The sophisticated razors look better than disposables, but also offer a more luxurious shave without contributing to plastic production and, ultimately, pollution.

As well as being a plastic-free brand, Aphrodite Razors advocate zero-waste living, with the blades and packaging being easily recyclable. To further contribute to giving back to the planet, the brand works closely with sustainability charity One Tree at A Time, and plants a tree with every order. The brand is ambitious to make plastic-free shaving the everyday way and to inspire women to seek new, sustainable practices to incorporate into their beauty regimes.



When the world feels like a dark place, a gesture as simple as lighting a candle can spark hope. The #Reconciliation project can help overcome global crises and bring positivity back into our lives; help us create a place of calm, of harmony with nature, with each other, and within ourselves.

The #Reconciliation Luxury Scented Candle comes with a twist: it represents a noble cause. Set up by Sublime Magazine, #Reconciliation is a crowd-funding initiative, aiming to raise money for the creation of an editorial site, where we will share stories of hope from around the world.

We believe that reconciliation narratives can stop wars and displacement, that the reconciliation message could bring prosperity to the poor, and that reconciliation stories could transform fighters into peacemakers. If your values align with ours, we invite you to purchase a candle and join us. We want this message to be visible. 

The candle itself is hand-crafted in Lombardy, Italy. It’s vegan, natural, sustainable, and plastic-free, with a guarantee of 92 hours of burn time – perfect for shedding some light when winter nights feel almost never-ending. The candle is currently available in one scent: Amber. Warm, musky, and rich, it complements its sleek, black glass casing nicely, bringing a taste of Italian class into your home.

Reconciliation Project



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