07 September 2020

Organic September ‘20

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#OrganicSeptember ‘20

Sublime Magazine joins the Soil Association in #OrganicSeptember, a campaign dedicated to growing the organic market. With more of us seeking solutions to restore nature, our health, and a safe climate, becoming part of the organic movement can make a world of a difference. These six brands work towards precisely this: raising awareness and increasing wellness.

InlightBeautyTextInlight Beauty

A pioneer of the organic beauty movement, Inlight brings beauty to life through healthy and radiant skin. Dr Mariano Spiezia, Inlight’s co-founder and scientific director, brings a lifetime of research and passion for the natural world through his 100 percent organic-certified, oil-based, water-free range of skincare products.

Handcrafted in Cornwall, each product is powered by a fusion of nature’s alchemy and modern science. All herbal extracts are produced in-house, exposed to the sun and moonlight for up to six weeks before they’re ready to be pressed, and only then do they become a base for the finished product. ‘Nature doesn’t rush, so why should we?’ the creators of Inlight Beauty ponder. Real slow beauty harnesses the benefits of nature, after all.

Aside from being accredited by Positive Luxury and having won the Sublime Good Brand Award for three years running, Inlight is proud to be the first company to have received a COSMOS certification throughout an entire range, rendering every single product 100 percent organic. Their health and beauty standards are recognised globally, and strict regulations ensure sustainability of provenance of ingredients, a fair manufacturing process, and the protection of wildlife and biodiversity along the way.

Inlight Beauty stands out from the crowd for a simple reason: their products aim to align our bodies’ vibrations with those in nature, helping the skin to retune itself to the essence of health, beauty, and harmony. Their range of cleansers, moisturisers, face masks, serums, ointments, baby oils, and a soon-to-be-launched men’s range promise a transformational experience into sustainable, luxury beauty. And if you’re stuck on what to try first, the Skincare Essential Set is a great introduction to the brand with its iconic Face Cleanser, Floral Tonic, and the award-winning Face Oil. Your skin won’t be disappointed.


Textuoga3Uoga Uoga

One of the leading producers of natural cosmetics in Lithuania, Uoga Uoga is a family business, its story beginning in 2010 with true friendship and true berries. 

Uoga Uoga cosmetics are natural, handmade in small batches, and always bursting with fresh ingredients. Natural unrefined oils, clays, flower waters, Lithuanian honey and herbs, and organic essential oils of the highest quality build the core of Uoga Uoga products, while their makeup line is created using natural minerals and enriched with pure Baltic amber.

Aside from beeswax featuring on some of their eco-friendly ingredient lists, most of their products are suitable for vegans, and the brand is strictly against testing products or ingredients on animals. Uoga Uoga cosmetics have been put to the test, however, by one of the strictest natural and ecological product control organisations and landed them a firm COSMOS certification. The brand takes responsibility for each step of the production process, everything created and manufactured by them before final tests and safety assessments are carried out in their Lithuanian and UK labs.



Fran and Jay founded EarthBits in 2019 out of the frustration and guilt that accompanied everyday purchases. From products thousandfold wrapped in unnecessary plastic to never-ending lists of chemicals printed on the backs of packaging, they felt that enough was enough. 

When juggling a busy lifestyle and a young family, Fran and Jay experienced first hand the difficulties of trying to make sustainable choices when shopping for essentials. They decided to make it easier for others to find all the eco-friendly products they need in just one place, and one that they could trust. This is why every item stocked by EarthBits comes from a fully vetted and researched maker. Not only that, but they all share the same common qualities: free from plastic, free from harmful chemicals, and always reusable, compostable, or recyclable.
In addition, with so much shopping moving online, a silent offender when it comes to plastic pollution is the material used in postal packaging. As an online retailer, EarthBits is committed to shipping in 100 percent plastic-free packaging. Between the boxes and bags products come in, the padding to help keep them safe, and recyclable and compostable features, there isn’t a hint of plastic.


Text image sublimeEnvelopes

Established over 20 years ago, Envelopes Ltd has grown from a small, family-run company to having one of the largest stocks of envelopes and postal packaging in the UK. Today, the company promotes sustainable materials and reduces the environmental impact of the world of envelopes and postal packaging, minimising use of harmful products along every step of the way.

Envelopes Ltd is taking steps to be a more environmentally-friendly company by innovating new ways of replacing plastic packaging with biodegradable alternatives, looking at improving recycling processes within warehouses, and supplying customers with eco-friendly products like Combelopes.

Combelopes are packed full of recycled card, giving the contents of the envelope a robust and protective feel. Their thick lining, on the other hand, protects contents from drops and squeezes, and sealing it is quick and easy with a peel-and-seal method. The glue used is super strong and will keep the envelopes’ contents safe and secure with no risk of opening along the way to its destination.

The best part? Combelopes are fully compostable and biodegradable. For anyone looking to make greener choices, the Envirolopes range also includes recycled envelopes, bamboo envelopes, eucalyptus envelopes, board back envelopes, book mailers, and glassine bags. All of Envelopes’ products are unbranded and available in all shapes and sizes - no matter what specifications you may have, you’ll find the perfect envelope every time.


MOIAmagazin3Moia Elixirs

A unique cosmetic brand connecting historical traditions of nature with modern science, Moia Elixirs strive to bring back the equilibrium of the skin. They combine the power of CBD, produced in their own certified lab, together with minerals from the healing springs of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and clinically studied, natural-based, active ingredients.

Moia Elixirs target problem skins. The Beauty-Aging line slows down the aging of skin cells, firms the skin’s barrier, and improves elasticity thanks to the power of CBD and clinically proven actives like argan stem cells, lower molecular hyaluronic acid, minerals from Karlovy Vary, vitamin E, and antioxidant, organic oils. The BioActive range targets conditions like acne and eczema, fighting them with a combination of active ingredients. The CBD Wellness line sees the combination of raw organic oils, mainly from South Africa, with CBD, each type mixed with a unique blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils to deliver a therapeutic effect on the mind and skin alike.

Moira Elixirs is the first brand to have incorporated CBD and other active ingredients into a nano-fiber structure, creating the world’s first CBDerma-Repair® mask. Together with ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, PHA, and low molecular hyaluronic acid, the mask targets slowing down skin aging, improving skin elasticity, and reducing wrinkle appearance. The penetration and absorption of active ingredients are on a completely different level - a regular face mask allows around 15 percent of active absorption, whereas this patented technology allows 97 percent, delivering actives into deeper layers of the skin, right where we need it most. The mask itself is fully biodegradable, too.



Run by a mother and daughter duo who decided to embark on a new journey of self-improvement and better lifestyle, the story of VertueBox begins with searching for a new venture, far away from the traditional rat race of life, and a dream of a businesses where core values of natural living and wellbeing are embraced.

In 2018, the creators of VertueBox took over a small subscription business that carried the essence of their beliefs. Two years later, they had rebranded the company and quickly realised that although retail is oversaturated with similar ideas, there was a demand for a more personalised, luxury style of gift. Customers struggled to find a collection of premium products from multiple brands, backed up by ethos.

VertueBox collaborates with many excellent brands that hand-make their wonderful natural products, creating a special community where unique products are accessible and like-minded brands can deliver exceptional products with the planet in mind. Customers can find beautifully-designed gift sets for all occasions, made up exclusively of products that have been hand-made with the finest natural, organic ingredients, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

VertueBox takes the hard work out of hours of browsing for multiple products, checking ingredient lists, and searching for eco packaging to wrap your gift - it's all been done for you, right down to a personalised message.



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