28 March 2019

Nature of Change

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Life is a continuous flow of time and the seasons. Spring is here. Dr Mariano Spiezia, creator of Inlight beauty, shares his wisdom on how to refresh body, soul and skin

Change is part of life – our bodies change; we age; we ourselves are changed by our experiences.

The philosophy of change, the foundation of our evolution and our connection with other human beings, has been brilliantly described and defined in the renowned ancient Chinese book The Book of Changes, or The I Ching, written more than two thousand years ago.

What was discovered by observing life at the time The I Ching was written is still valid today. The laws of nature remain the same. We owe it to ourselves to study, to come to understand and respect nature, so that we can discover how nature resonates with our own self.

As we undergo change, an extraordinary energy, or vital force, is manifested. From the beginning of time, a primordial creative energy within human life and the cosmos has always reached forward to attain perfection. This energy is constantly active in the healing process (it is most evident in the homoeopathic healing system) and in the cellular processes involved in the development and, finally, decomposition of all living organisms.

The onset of spring acts like the firing-up of a huge engine, producing an explosion of vital force, propelling nature towards renewal, rebirth, growth and transformation.

The precious winter stasis has been useful for reinforcing our physical, emotional and spiritual roots, and to give us time to apply deep thinking to future projects. Now spring infuses us with the energy and enthusiasm to put these plans into action.

Movement between the two seasons is slowed down by what I call ‘sediment’, accumulated during the cold winter season, on both the physical and psychological levels. People often refer to this accumulation as toxins, but I prefer the word sediment.

To get rid of this accumulation, it is necessary to activate the emunctory or excretory organs (kidneys, lungs, liver, skin), stimulating the metabolic processes and blood circulation. In other words, we need to embark on a detox regime. The process of detoxing acts to remove the sediment sitting in the body’s tissues, making way for new life to fill our body and mind.

The concept is simple: if you want to be able to see through your glasses, or look out of the windows of your house in order to enjoy the extra light spring brings, you need to clean them. In this example, the glasses and the windows are our organs and tissues. If you don’t clean your glasses and your windows, everything looks misty and dull.

These seasonal changes involve the skin, too, not only because of its detoxifying function, but also because the skin is the ‘mirror’ of what is happening within the body. Some years ago, while running a detox centre in Italy, I realised just how heavily the skin was involved in the detox process, acting as an excretory organ, releasing sediment. I noticed how keeping the skin clean and in good condition supported the detox process and visibly improved the speed of healing, too.

The skin and the body it covers share a lot of intimate anatomical and neural connections. A change of season is the perfect time to do a detox; to clear out the old, and start again with a refreshed body and soul.

Here are some simple tips to aid your spring detox:

Cleanse and tone twice daily to purify and brighten your complexion and keep pores clear. Follow with a moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and relaxed. Always use certified organic oil-based skincare. Oils work with your skin sebum to nourish, while water-based products may contain harsh preservatives which can strip the skin of its natural oils.
Use a mask once a week to detoxify and pamper.

To drink Organic herbal teas have many renowned health benefits. Steeping loose leaves allows water to infuse and expand the herbs, extracting aromas, minerals and vitamins, bringing nature to life.

Burdock and nettle work to cleanse; zesty, refreshing lemon verbena and elderflower add an uplifting touch of joy, awakening you from the lethargy often resulting from the retention of sediment.

A positive message repeated to yourself focuses your mind and shuts out background chatter. It’s a great way to start the day. Find a mantra that resonates with you, and try to recite it as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

Movement stimulates our whole body, cleansing it throughout: promoting blood and lymph circulation, improving digestion and skin’s glow as perspiration is increased. Exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting. Abdominal twists, for example, stimulate the bowel, liver and kidneys. Yoga or Pilates can be beneficial, too, as they promote blood flow and boost energy levels. Breathing exercises can also boost energy and oxygen flow.

What else?

Take time for yourself; make conscious choices; create good memories . . .

If you’d like to follow a more comprehensive detox regime, try my four-week programme, which incorporates skin balms, oils, facial steams and herbal teas along with lifestyle tips that focus on the whole self.

Clear daily, weekly and monthly routines are available to follow using my how-to guide.

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