13 January 2022

Natural & Cool

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From ethically-crafted furniture to organic coffee, step into a greener New Year with Sublime magazine’s top picks of cool, nature-forward brands.

CERVOMountainResortPhotoBodyText CERVO Mountain Resort

Surrounded by the rugged skyline of Zermatt, CERVO is a gateway into the mystical world of the Alps. With a culture deeply-rooted in the extraordinary, CERVO invites sport enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore the beauty of Zermatt and to discover themselves.

Sitting in a mountainous region calls for a close exchange with nature, and CERVO is dedicated to promoting eco-conscious travel and tourism. Since its inception in 2009, ecological and social responsibility have been central to all operations: a sustainable energy supply and the natural sources of hot water and heating are just as important a part of CERVO as their commitment to community projects, both locally and internationally. 

Casual luxury, a modern design, warm colors, and natural materials - here, expect a melting pot that embraces traditional values and the culture of the Alps while embracing modern and international influences. Bathing cultures from all over the world are combined in the CERVO Mountain Ashram Spa at the foot of the Matterhorn, while the resort’s bar and three restaurants - Bazaar, Madre Nostra, and Ferdinand - cover a wide variety of culinary experiences. True care sees the body and the mind in harmony, after all, and each corner of CERVO remains true to one principle: sincere service and the pleasure of hosting guests and visitors. 



Founded in Mannheim, Germany, MAOMI is a woman-led company offering sustainable and ethical furniture and home accessories. Their designs are inspired by the materials and craftsmanship of cultures from around the globe - organic forms and natural materials meet local artisanal expertise, products characterized by a functional simplicity, often beginning with a work of art.

For each project, founder Dr Uta Meeder works closely with artists and craftspeople to gain an intimate understanding of the materials used. Porcelain KAYA, for example, is a collection of plates, cups, and bowls made exclusively from earths and minerals occurring naturally in Vietnam. No waste is generated during production, and excess material is transferred directly into the integrated recycling process. Packaging and shipping are largely plastic-free, too.

As for wood, MAOMI works with an excellent carpenter. Only his knowledge of woodworking and surface treatment makes such high quality possible in the first place. Designed in collaboration with Dr Meeder, the Bathtub OFURO is sealed using methods from traditional viticulture and is completely chemical-free, packaged only in a high-quality, recyclable wooden crate.

But the epitome of MAOMI’s dedication to nature is the BENNY cutting board. Besides its unique design, owed to the grain of old olive trees, it has an antibacterial effect and therefore requires no synthetic care. Only trees that can no longer bear fruit are used in the creation of the product - this way, both the local harvest and nature are protected and you get a long-lasting product.

To MAOMI, ‘sustainability’ means not only protecting the environment, but also standing up for the rights of the people who live in it. Making the world a little better with high-end, innovative design.

Their product range is available at Bridge and Hill, Diana Baker Designs, Exclusif Presentations Ltd, Indigenous, Valerie Lacour Interiors, and on shop.maomi.de

PurelakesSquarePure Lakes Skincare   

Award-winning, natural, and hand-made in the heart of the Lake District, Pure Lakes’ unique skincare formulas use ethically sourced plant oils and butters, infused with a variety of essential oil blends. From ‘Bath and Body’, ‘Facial Skincare’ and ‘Home Collection’ to the ‘Active & Therapeutic’ range made to relax muscles and joints after long walks, climbs and bike rides, essential oils are carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties and delicate aroma. Pure Lakes’ signature blend is ‘Grapefruit & Lemongrass’, an invigorating blend of citrus essential oils to help uplift and energise, available in a shower gel, hand wash, lotion, hand balm and as a part of Christmas gift sets.

Pure Lakes’ small team hand-make the complete range, valuing excellence, precision, and passion over mass production at every step. They know the provenance of all of the ingredients and select only those of the highest quality and standard; they never use parabens or SLS, and all products are cruelty free.

The brand uses glass, aluminium & biopolymer bottles which are made in Suffolk using sugar rusk, a biodegradable by-product of sugar production. Not only that, but customers can refill and reuse their existing bottles and receive up to 30% off their next purchase.

Pure Lakes are multi-award winning and were recently awarded ‘Gold’ in the Beauty Shortlist Awards for their Chamomile & Calendula Hydrating Hand Balm – a perfect gift for Christmas alongside other sustainable present ideas, from diffusers to cosmetic bags.



​​Wake up to coffee with a conscience - since 2010, Owens Coffee has had sustainability at the heart of its operations. The gorgeous Devon, where the company is based, inspires the team to prioritise environmental impact and create their ‘clean-roasted’ range.

Owens coffee beans are 100% organic and 100% Fairtrade. No synthetic chemicals or pesticides which could contaminate surrounding rivers and streams are used in production, protecting workers from inhaling potentially harmful substances used in non-organic coffee production. 

The coffee beans - certified organic by the Soil Association - are usually shade-grown. Sun-cultivated coffee production is the highest yielding growing method and offers the greatest financial reward to those in the coffee chain; farmers are encouraged to work this way to meet worldwide demand, and deforestation is a known consequence of creating huge, sun-cultivated plantations. Owens avoid this. 

At the centre of the roastery’s purpose-built, low-impact premises is a Loring Kestrel eco-roaster that uses 80% less energy and emits considerably less greenhouse gases than traditional roasters. Packaging and waste have also been addressed - tins and jars occupy the same amount of space full as empty, and need twice as much transportation capacity than flexible pouches. Owens’ pouches are 100% recyclable and regularly reviewed to identify improvements.

In addition, the business has only ever sold 100% compostable takeaway cups and employed a zero-to-landfill local waste contractor. Grinds are used in composting, pallets reused. Coffee sacks are provided to local Dartmoor Zoo for animal enrichment, or upcycled by Owens customers.

Importantly, Owens Coffee tastes great. The business has won multiple awards, including the UK’s Best of Organic Coffee. Try it for yourself - use code ‘SUBLIME10’ for 10% off*.

*Offer limited to one order per person, does not apply to coffee subscriptions, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Ends 30th October 2021.


KearNatural ProductPic2Kear

Award-winning Greek skincare brand Kear (κέᾰρ®) was founded in 2018 on the principle of ‘less is more’. Their ethos and product range draws on the elegance, wisdom and classical minimalism of the ancient Greeks, blending some of the earliest beauty secrets with modern, non-invasive, efficacious skincare products which are both natural and functional.

With its name meaning ‘heart’ in ancient Greek but pronounced ‘care’ in English, the brand incorporates the love for the country’s history into conscientious, premium, natural, cruelty-free and locally-made products that respect skin health and restore its beauty. The objective is to transfer all that defines Greece into an eco-friendly product line; the rays of the life-giving sun, the saltiness of the sea, and the flow of pure energy from nature. To achieve this, Kear use humble but powerful herbs and essential oils to create a range that follows both ancient Greek cosmetic traditions and strict EU regulations.

Due to their waterless, super-concentrated texture, Kear products present the best combination of value and durability - the smallest amount allows the skin to absorb the beneficial elements of the ingredients, reducing waste. Products are also incredibly versatile, which means you can use just one for a variety of purposes, from head to toe.

The Kear range is suitable for all ages, genders and skin types and is broken down into easy-to-navigate categories. The brand offers face and body balms, body oils, plant-based soaps, natural lip balms, and exclusive ‘weKear’ gift sets. All the packaging is also sustainably produced and fully recyclable.


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