Monday 26 July 2021

Mobile Tyre Fitting

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Mobile Tyre Fitting

Many people will simply drive to their local car tyre dealership when they need a new one. Although this approach will frequently work perfectly well, a mobile tyre fitting service could be preferable in certain circumstances.

When You Are Stuck Away From Home

If you are staying somewhere away from your usual tyre fitter, then you may not be able to get them to have a new tyre fitted.

This means that if you detect wear or have a puncture, it might not even be possible to drive home legally even if you could make it back.

For this reason, it is a good idea to book a mobile tyre fitter to come to you instead. For mobile tyre fitting in Pontefract, you can check with experts at Ossett Tyre House, for example.

When You Can't Remove Your Wheel

Sometimes wheel nuts are machined on so tightly that you cannot get them off even when using a lever to gain some mechanical advantage over them. In such circumstances, you won't even be able to fit your spare tyre because the current one won't come off.

If this is the case, then you are basically going to be stuck by the side of the road with your car jacked up and going nowhere fast. Mobile tyre fitters will have the right tools to get your wheel off and get you back on the road, however.

When Your Spare Is No Good

Another common problem that many motorists encounter is when they have a flat tyre they will exchange for their spare. Even if they can remove the wheel in question, it will only be possible for them to continue their journey if the spare tyre is roadworthy. Sometimes, your spare could not be usable in which case a mobile tyre fitter will get you out of trouble.

Commonly, spare tyres have already been used and do not have enough mileage left in them or have been damaged in some way. Another common occurrence is that they have insufficient air pressure so they cannot be used for onward journeys until they are reinflated.


Photo by Rhys Rainbow Mccormack 

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