10 January 2011

A Potted History of Vegetables

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Did you know that carrots were once purple, or that potatoes were originally kept as ornamental rather than edible plants?

If you find these facts food for thought, then read on. With allotments and green spaces never so popular, seasonal and local produce the order of the day and a healthy nostalgia for growing heirloom vegetables in vogue, A Potted History of Vegetables captures something of a zeitgeist. Reacquainting the reader with the origins, nature and peculiarities of the world’s produce, and combining beautiful reproductions of the finest 19th-century botanical illustrations with a miscellany of interesting, quirky facts and amazing histories, this title soon immerses you in the wonderful world of vegetables. 

A Potted History of Vegetables made me want to embrace cooking and tuck in to a wide array of seasonal fare. A delicious cornucopia, information is potted tightly, including such essentials as Latin names, vegetable families and countries of origin, making this the ideal gift for gardener, chef or eco-warrior. Not yet published, this comes highly recommended.

A Potted History of Vegetables Lorraine Harrison (Ivy Press) £9.99

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