13 January 2020

In Solidarity

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In Solidarity ©Caroline Irvy

We are facing a global refugee crisis, with the number of displaced people worldwide now exceeding 70 million. The UN Refugee Agency and influencers are calling for everyone to play their part in making a difference.

As part of the #Reconciliation initiative, Sublime Magazine is supporting the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Refugee Agency in its campaign for solidarity with refugees, because everyone has a role to play - #EveryoneCounts.

‘Xenophobia, negative stereotyping, and fear are on the rise. All around us. Getting louder and louder and louder. Something needs to change. It is time to see refugees differently, to see that refugees, like everyone – when given the chance and the opportunity – can reach their potential, have a positive impact and give back’. This was the message of a multi-voice video released by the UNHRC to mark the launch of its campaign.

From an interactive quiz allowing social media users to experience the challenges of the refugee crisis to taking part in social media activities, UNHRC is raising awareness and emphasising that now, more than ever, your commitment is necessary.

Find out more about the project here.

Have a look at Goodwill Ambassador Cate Blanchett meeting with Razan Alsous, a refugee from Damascus, Syria, and Founder of award-winning Yorkshire Dama Cheese in the video below.

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