13 September 2019

Hidden Civilisations & Mediterranean Roots

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Sublime interviews Ramon Gurillo, fashion designer inspired by the beauty of nature and the freedom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sublime: Tell us about you and your training as a fashion designer.

Ramon Gurillo: I was born in Valencia, Spain. From a very early age, I was interested in art and design, and my passion for fashion grew from this. I trained in the Arts & Crafts School of RamonGValencia, and later travelled to Miami, where I worked assisting stylists in fashion productions for American magazines and ads, and then to London as an extension of my training. London is and has been a crucial place for my professional life. When I arrived, I hardly spoke any English, so everything started from scratch – language, way of work... Soon after I arrived in London, I started my own brand, ‘Ramon Gurillo’. I sold my first knitwear collection to ‘Liberty of London’.

S: What's behind the name of your brand - Ramon Gurillo?

RG: Ramon Gurillo is all about slow fashion and personalised quality, attention to detail and love of craftsmanship.

S: Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

RG: Nature, art, antiques, and hidden civilisations. My designs always have an earthy element that connects directly with my Mediterranean roots.

S: What is the importance of locally-made garments?

RG: Locally made garments mean that we are working directly with local craftpeople and recognising their skills. Also, very importantly, we can control the environmental impact of our actions.

S: Tell us about your philosophy and latest collection.

RG: Nature, sea elements, freedom, air, a laid back lifestyle... For my latest collection I used linens and cottons aged by time. I do like the wrinkled textures of these fabrics, combined with rustic wool from a Valencian sheep, called the Guirra, as well as African silk chiffon dresses and organic shapes inspired by the sea and the countryside.

S: If we had £100 to spend, which piece would you recommend we buy from Ramon Gurillo?

RG: A loose-knit cropped sweater made of fine linen-cotton in one of our "faded colours".

S: Do you see hand-made and craft fashion is gaining more of a share in the market?

RG: Definitely. People are searching for authenticity and have to be aware of making less toxic impacts on the planet. There is a revival of a contemporary arts and crafts movement happening at the moment.

S: Are you working on a new collection at the moment?

RG: Yes, Esposadelmare (‘bride of the sea’ in Italian), my first bridal collection which will be up on our website very soon! I propose a bride that is natural and relaxed, smart and cultured. All our dresses are made of the most special fabrics; I spent a lot of time sourcing for the right materials for each design – silk, gazar, organza, etc. I want to embrace my relationship with the sea, in particular with the ancient mare nostrum, the Mediterranean Sea, which is why I named this new adventure after it. It also has a kind of mythological sound, which I love.

S: Finally, what’s your favourite hashtag?

RG: My favourite hashtag is #HiddenCivilisations.



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