Thursday 14 January 2021


Written by Jess Berlin


Inspired by documentary filmmaking and artisan textiles, three sisters have worked together to create a progressive and sustainable company with a unique range of beautiful and forward thinking accessories.

GROUNDTRUTH was founded in 2017 with a commitment to protect the natural environment and the people who make the products. They wanted to play an active part in changing the fashion industry from within, using eco-friendly materials created from waste and building a new and more sustainable way of working. With innovation and design at the forefront of the brand, they are working towards becoming a leader in sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

The company have built an advanced portfolio of 100% recycled materials - with the first collection removing over 480,000 plastic bottles from the environment.

Working with only Bluesign approved partners the company ensures the highest standards for their workers and the planet. They calculate and offset their entire carbon footprint with Wildlife Work in the DRC, protecting over 740k acres of the world's second-largest rainforest.

Their design ethos is based on functionality and technology, inspired and developed from years of global travel experience. Their bespoke GT-RK-001 textile was developed over the course of 2 years and is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic collected from landfill, waterways and oceans worldwide. 


In September 2019, the company launched their first range, the RIKR range of durable, multifunctional bags which are made from 100% recycled materials and are designed to simplify every journey. Field-tested with polar explorer Robert Swan, the range demonstrates a hybrid functionality - it's durable enough for any journey yet refined enough for business and urban activities. Robert Swan. GROUNDTRUTH Ambassador says:

"If recycled plastic bottles can be made into something that can survive these conditions - no one can ever doubt the durability of GROUNDTRUTH." 

At GROUNDTRUTH they believe that storytelling is one of the most effective and memorable ways of delivering information. They have the ability to document not only their products in action but also the supply chain and the creative process behind them.

Using their substantial experience of filmmaking with GROUNDTRUTH Productions, they are able to capture and deliver vibrant communications for their customers while sharing unique stories from across the globe.


This company is fulfilling a demand in the market for not just products but the origins and stories behind them including the green and transparent supply chain. By working in this way, they hope to encourage behaviour changes - creating awareness not by preaching but by educating.

The fashion industry generates an excessive amount of waste despite having the technology to recycle a lot of what we throw away into reusable products. This company uses plastic bottles that would otherwise be polluting waterways and oceans and creating attractive durable user-friendly bags out of them.

The fashion industry also needs to produce less, which is why consumer buying habits need to change. This is a chance for designers to be innovative with more climate-friendly materials being used across the industry. 

By forging progressive new ways of working, the sisters aim to act as a catalyst for global conversation, bridging industries to spark change for the better. By calculating how much CO2 was emitted during the production of their first range and how much CO2 was generated from travelling, the company have offset their 120 tons of carbon. These are the kind of absolutes that have to be adopted. 

GROUNDTRUTH hope with COVID-19 people are waking up to how much we need to protect the natural environment to ensure the survival of our planet. Emphasising the importance of the sustainable development of the fashion industry. 



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