02 July 2012

Worldly Designs

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Sustainable fashion designer Marisol Deluna is known to draw inspiration from any artistic alcove of creativity that stimulates her fashion mind. Born in Texas, Marisol was bitten by the fashion bug as a child and this passion was only further fuelled after visiting New York on a Grey Hound bus trip whilst still in art school. Soon after she packed her bags and decided to move into the city where the picturesque Manhattan skyline provoked wonderment, excitement and has acted as a constant muse ever since

Founded in 1997, Deluna By Design Inc. is not just a fashion company. In addition to their clothing line they also offer home décor, stationary and accessories, some of which are custom designed.alt


Marisol's designs don’t follow the celebrity trends nor live by the ‘what’s hot what not’ code, instead preferring to take a more grounded and yet global approach. In March of this year the company hosted their first solo fashion show at the 227 year old General Society Library in Midtown Manhattan to mark their 15 Year anniversary.

Due to working in both ends of the hemisphere the collection is non-seasonal and displayed over 40 looks including yoga and pet wear. Marisol explains, “This approach has worked well for us. So if it is December and you live in Paris, a wool and silk wrap would be perfect, whereas in Sydney, a halter top makes more sense.”


This is a lifestyle brand that reflects the beauty, historic and cultural patterns of the world, and the company is involved in many charitable endeavors, believing that paying service to others is a privilege. Their international ties have enabled them to design for many institutions, organisations and foundations that aid in providing funds for cities, as well as for scholarships, restoration of playgrounds, parks and historical landmarks.


altAs for her own lifestyle Marisol and her husband have never owned a car and even though they have homes in Manhattan, Buenos Aires and Chicago they limit their carbon footprint by relying on mass transportation. Their dream is to become sustainable enough to live ‘off the grid' seasonally at their family home in Nova Scotia.


With a primary focus on couture accessories and apparel, as well as new lifestyle items, the company is expanding by revamping their website to include an online store, expected to re-launch by October 2012.


While Marisol believes in keeping her mind and body active by giving back and creating through heralt company, she also likes to take time out of her busy schedule. She says,

"The world is a curious place and I rarely sit still. However when I do, it is typically done in a reclusive manner on a skateboard, in a river fly fishing or out sailing wherever a boat will take me."

For more information on Marisol, her brand and unique designs please go to www.marisoldeluna.com

Photo Credit - Header photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Marisol Deluna New York

All additional photo credit: Sarah Penelope Janes for Marisol Deluna New York


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