15 June 2012

Three of the best....ethical bikinis

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Printed, plain, modern, retro, highwaisted and halterneck. The plethora of bikinis currently available on the British High Street is now vast and varied. But what about their ethical credentials and do we really care where our bikini fabric originated or who made it when we're frolicking on a beach in the Med? Sublime takes a quick look at some ethically minded swimwear brands that have pretty much everything covered......except in the flesh department

High summer is almost upon us and whilst the weather may not be co-operating most of us will be planning a holiday in the sun. It would seem that no matter how many bikinis we may already have there is always room for one more, so a swimwear purchase will certainly be at the top of our holiday shopping priority list.

Of course we all want to look our best on the beach but why should we sacrifice our ethical standards for a cheap fashion fix that will surely have a negative chain of impact. Be willing to spend a little more and you could find yourself with a quality item that makes you feel good from the inside out.

Launched in 2007, Emobi offers a range of original swimwear using environmentally friendly water based dye, minimizing the impact on beaches and waterways. Bikini pollution isn't exactly something at the forefront of our minds when we go for a dip but certainly one to consider in the future especially if you are planning a visit to some fragile coral reef. With a variety of gorgeous two pieces, thanks to Emobi, you can now tread lightly with your fashion as well as your feet!

bikini collage

Looking out for their fellow people, Fair & True are a fair-trade fashion label with a focus on workers and their work conditions. The bold African prints are simply to die for and their small but stunning range of bikinis are sure to turn heads in the sun. Proudly made in Kenya, Fair & True's bikinis are made under a fair trade scheme supporting communities, which means looking good can also be doing good.

Another brand with their priorities in the right place are the retro-iphic Bombshell Bay, a fabulous company with a fair trade mindset. Normally a 'Made in Thailand' label would have ethical fashionistas running for the hills but fear not because Bombshell Bay ensure a sweat shop free environment for their employees, even providing free accommodation as well as a meditation room. It must be catching because we're fairly sure we'd feel nothing other than completely zen when sunning ourselves in these high waisted beauties.

* Fair & True Hava fairtrade African print navy bikini available at fairandtrue.co.uk

* Bombshell Bay 'Miss Grace' bikini available at bombshellbay.com.au

* Emobi bow bandeau yellow floral print bikini set available at fashion-conscience.com

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