03 July 2012

Panda Eyes

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Buy a pair, Give a pair. That’s the motto at the core of Panda, an ethical eyewear company that truly believes in social and environmental change. With sustainability also placed firmly at the forefront of their business, they are able to provide high quality, stylish sunglasses by choosing to handcraft them from eco-friendly bamboo and recycled polycarbonates. Offering a wide selection of impossibly trendy specs to suit both sexes we think everybody should be donning a pair this summer

Originating in Washington D.C. and now with offices in New York, Panda has been on a whirlwind journey of change ever since they successfully raised the necessary funds on Kickstarter back in December 2011. Having just been indoctrinated into the Ethical Fashion Fellowship where they now stand alongside the likes of Christopher Raeburn, Rani Jones and Minna, they hope to transform social and environmental standards within the fashion industry.

Their partnership with TOMA (Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance) is just another reason to support this fashion forward company. With every purchase they will ensure a person in need will receive a medical eye exam, as well as a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses – a trend started by TOMS shoes and now being integrated into many socially responsible businesses.

The GIFT OF VISION initiative not only allows Panda to ‘grow organically alongside a non-profit organisation’, it gives reassurance to all their customers that they are not just investing in a fabulous pair of sunglasses but also in a company with integrity. Giving charity a fashionable face may be the only way to combat the current trend towards disposable clothing. After all, knowing you may have helped give someone the power of sight is a strong incentive to make more considered purchases in the future.

Of course, without having a desirable aesthetic to back their bid for sustainability and social change, Panda may have a hard sell on their hands, but rest assured this eye apparel has enough cool appeal to keep you looking and feeling fashion happy for several summers to come.

For more information on Panda and their current collection please go to www.wearpanda.com

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