15 May 2012

The real price of cotton

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The real price of cotton ©chinti and parker heart pocket stripe t 85.00

For most shoppers, it can be all too easy to succumb to the lure of the high street, with its astronomically low prices and seemingly good value for money. Why pay 30 pounds for a simple cotton t-shirt when you can buy several for the same money at any store on the main thoroughfare of any British town. It’s easy, convenient and best of all... cheap. Or is it?

To many of us, it's becoming increasingly apparent these low prices come at a very high cost. Not only to the environment but to the chain of people involved in producing these garments that are only ever part of the ‘fast fashion’ cycle – here today, in a landfill tomorrow.

Aside from the colossal amount of water it takes to grow this popular fabric, the people who pick it are exposed to these harmful and toxic pesticides on a daily basis. Not forgetting the destruction to the soil, air and water supply and it is perhaps true to say the havoc non-organic cotton can reap is insurmountable.

Despair not though. There are now numerous options available that mean you can swap chemical laden fabric (can you say formaldehyde?) for the organic variety. 

muddwaterstripedteeMudd & Water striped tee, £35.00

Seasalt Sailor tee, £25.00

But what exactly are the perks of choosing organic?

The benefits are all too clear. Whilst you may spend a little more, the quality of garment you receive means that you will be wearing a more natural fabric which is much easier and kinder on your skin – lest we forget it is our body’s largest organ - and likewise, the farmers who grow the plant and the workers who pick it will have a safer environment in which to earn their living. Equally we will be contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and promoting a more positive attitude towards the clothes we wear and the consequences it has on the planet. Who could argue with that?!

To get you started we’ve selected a couple of the best organic (and in some cases locally made) Breton style t-shirts on the British market. With their organic credentials and wholly reasonable price tag, it definitely is possible to invest in a t-shirt that fits the fashion bill as well as the ethical one.

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