25 June 2012

Jewellery by Jianhui

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Putting his own unique spin on the outdated pashmina, Chinese jewellery designer Jianhui has injected some much needed creativity into Chelsea's archaic neck accessory. Aptly named 'The Next Pashmina', the luminous scarves are made up of hundreds of pieces of excess wood yard, which are then coloured using a lustrous palette of ethical dyes

The scarves are seasonally versatile, available in strong block colours for the summer but also some more sombre shades for the winter - and for the environmentally aware metrosexuals amongst you, there are even some scarves for men!Jianhui
In the second part of Jianhui's collection his pashmina design is refashioned using chain link interwoven with small crystals for a more urban look.

The Next Pashmina was recently part of the Diamond Jubilee festivities when Jianhui was chosen alongside 12 other designers (Vivienne Westwood included) to celebrate the Queen's 60 year reign. The collection even caught the eye of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani who was quoted as calling it 'the most exciting design'.

Jianhui has been designing his ethical jewellery for the last six years. His commitment to using eco conscious materials is no surprise considering that he is heavily influenced by the natural landscape of his homeland, a mountainous village in China. It was exploring these mountains, where Jianhui spent a lot of his childhood, when each morning before school he would go and pluck a fresh flower to adorn his pen for the day ahead.

All of Jianhui's pieces are handcrafted using materials that range from crystals to recycled stones, wool and sustainable heat insulating wood. In fact, variation is his tagline; the jewellery spans casual daytime accessories to the more nocturnally suited crystal laden 'bling'. Jianhui's work is both simple and intricate, elegant and unreserved.

Currently three of Jianhui's necklaces are on sale in the Victoria and Albert Museum shop and a wider selection of his jewellery can be found at his first shop and showroom in 16 Gabriel's Wharf, South Bank, London SE1 9PP. Alternatively if you happen to be skipping though the baguette lined streets of Paris next week you will find him at the prestigious Premiere Classe retail show.

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