10 August 2012

Eco Chic at Stockholm Fashion Week

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Kill two birds with one stylish stone at the upcoming Stockholm Fashion Week, which is saluting ethical clothing by showcasing Sweden's eminent eco fashion pieces this month and giving ethical fashion the prominence it deserves



It’s not often that sustainable fashion is given such global exposure. Taking inspiration from London Fashion Week’s ethical initiative Estethica, the show is arranged by Sustainable Fashion NOW, an organization committed to putting the conscious back into fashion. The company aspires to make people more aware of their ethical responsibility as consumers, a responsibility to both to the environment and the clothing manufacturers. 

It is equally important for them not to inhibit the designer’s inspiration in making eco conscious clothing; 'We want to show that sustainable fashion is tasteful, contemporary and without limits', says co-founders Ada Kallgren and Maya Olofsson.

All the clothes debuting are made from either recycled or sustainable materials with the aim to promote less waste within the fashion industry, as well as better working conditions for employees. With designers such as Uniforms for the Dedicated, Camilla Wellton and Ida Wadenrud taking part, it hopes to be an exciting night for fashion displaying the best of Swedish Eco-Fashion.

The Sustainable Fashion SHOW will take place at F12 Terrassen on Friday 17th of August at 9pm.

For further information please contact Ada Kallgren on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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