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Sublime introduces you to Blake Mill, a forward-thinking designer brand in Manchester where technology and creativity converge to create a fashionable and highly sustainable blueprint.

For any new fashion company trying to establish themselves into the industry, having great designs and well-made clothes is simply not enough. Designer brands require a business plan that is more far-reaching than appearance alone. They need to consider sustainability and environmental impact. They need to think about the future of fashion.

Created by Steve French, Ken Price and Ross French in 2018, Blake Mill is an embodiment of this avant-garde. Determined to make a statement in the fast-paced fashion industry, the Fintech specialists have joined forces and expertise to create a sustainable and technology-enabled brand.

Co-founder Ken Price commented on the key role that technology and their shared interests play in Blake Mill’s vision:

Technology is the back-bone that’s brought me, Steve and Ross together. But what people don’t know is that behind our entrepreneur personas we have an eclectic collections of passions. Steve, for example, has a love for language, poetry and art, and that is what inspired him to develop our original designs and incorporate them into Blake Mill’s high-end shirts.

Blake Mill designs high-end dress shirts in bright, bold and beautiful patterns. Made for men who are not afraid to stand out amongst society, the fashion brand takes great inspiration from the world around us and creatively brings stories to life with bespoke designs.

Their products are ethically produced through means of safe production, fair treatment of factory personnel and use of recyclable material. They are proud members of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association, amongst other organisations that promote great business practices.

Producing fashionable yet ethical clothing radiates a strong message of positivity, pride and satisfaction, as per co-founder Ross French:

Our company should contribute to making the world a better place by playing a leadership role in the fashion industry as environmentally and ethically responsible partners. Our clothes should make a positive difference to the way our customers feel about themselves when they wear them. And not just the look and the feel, but knowing that they were made fairly at all stages of production.”

Blake Mill has always aimed to make the brand highly collaborative, and their first crowdfunding campaign launched in November 2022 is a testament to this. Surpassing a target of £300,000 by 25% is a remarkable achievement, but the team is  already looking forward to achieving greater success and bring their vision of a technology-based fashion business to life.

From QR Codes that tell the customer exactly where the materials are from, to a resale market where customers can register their products:

Technology is the future of fashion and the backbone to any business (almost). Data is just as important. We use data to support every decision we can, where possible. But above all, at Blake Mill, our desire is to use data and technology to make the fashion industry more sustainable. We want to use technology to support communications and interactivity between collaborators all around the world.”

Following recent success, Blake Mill is making concrete plans to expand its workforce. Aiming to double in size, exciting opportunities will be presented to aspiring graduates. A further step in the expansion of the company is to make products accessible on a global scale, including the USA and EU.

The fashion brand’s momentum has not gone unnoticed amongst celebrities: Ollie Smith (BBC), James Tindale (MTV) and Marty Mckenna (MTV). A stylish, unique and diverse look for every walk of life.

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