Thursday 4 November 2021

Extinction Rebellion VS War

Written by Rose Langis

Extinction Rebellion VS War

Extinction Rebellion activists have taken over the 3CDSE Defence and Security Expo in Malvern, Worcestershire to protest against war and the production of mass military weapons.

As a form of protest, Extinction Rebellion protesters have built bamboo structures in front of four entrance gates to the convention. Members of the climate emergency organisation have perched themselves atop the cone-shaped builds, as well as have locked 16 of their co-protesters into concrete blocks, also placed in front of entrances. Others have entered the compound to protest inside. 

The Three Counties Showground is currently hosting its annual 3CDSE Defence and Security Expo, a gathering of military and security firms such as Lockhead Martin and BAE Elbit Systems, where various forms of mass weaponry and technology can be purchased and sold. Many of the corporations in attendance at this exposition have been called out by Amnesty International for their connection with human rights risks.

Extinction Rebellion is an independent ecological justice organisation fighting for urgent and immediate action on the growing threat of climate change. Their mantra is that it is “a citizen’s duty to rebel, using peaceful civil disobedience, when faced with criminal inactivity by their Government”. 

Extinction Rebellion protestors believe that although the subject of reducing methane emissions and CO2 has been discussed at COP26, the impact the use of weapons of mass destruction and military force on climate change is too often overlooked. 


Not only is it damaging to the planet, but it is also a hazard to human life, poorer countries often taking the majority of the brunt - 14 out of the 25 most vulnerable countries to climate change are currently in situations of military conflict linked to fossil fuels. 

The catch? The majority of the weapons used in these disputes are provided by UK firms. Eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels would not only promote a greener, more sustainable energy chain, but would in turn eliminate warfare related to them, requiring a lesser need for mass weaponry and military intervention. 

Joined by Extinction Rebellion are other anti-weapon groups such as Three Counties Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), Malvern Individuals for Peace, Peace Pledge Union, and more. Members of Extinction Rebellion will also be protesting at the Glasgow headquarters of BAE systems later this afternoon. 


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