Friday 30 August 2019

Evolving Agriculture

Written by Jasmina Matulewicz

Evolving Agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture may be the answer to pressing issues surrounding the production of food in a time where caring for the environment is a priority. Take a look at the latest research paper that could change the world of farming.

‘Evolving Agriculture and Food’ looks at the impact of biodynamic farming on food quality and nutrition, the environment, roles of animals, and wider society.

Problems in food and farming systems were addressed from both traditional and innovative perspectives, calling upon scientific research and the expertise of farmers.

Biodynamic farming aims to add vitality to the plants, soil, and livestock, and follows many of the principles of organic agriculture. This could include the use of the astrological planting calendar, herbal and mineral fertilisers, or open pollination.

As of 2019, this method of farming has been used on over 187 hectares of land across 55 countries.

‘We believe that bringing these different sources of knowledge together is the best way to further explore and understand agricultural systems,’ writers say, urging those interested to invest in biodynamic farming.

The study was carried out across almost every agricultural field by over one hundred researchers across the globe, linking to research into other areas, like agroecology, and was recently made available in English.

The research paper contains most of the information presented at the International Conference of Biodynamic Research in 2018. It was published by the Section of Agriculture at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, aiming to encourage individuals to ‘take on responsibility’ in improving agriculture, trade, and nutrition.

Download the 'Evolving Agriculture and Food' research brochure here.

Main photo by Markus Spiske.

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