Thursday 14 December 2017

Deeply Desired

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Deeply Desired

Deeply Desired at jaggedart is proud to launch Crystal Series - a silver jewellery collection by Cinzel and Micaela Chediack. It is an intricate geometric handmade silver jewellery collection inspired by the details and patterns in snow crystals.

A snow crystal is a single crystal of ice, in which the water molecules are lined up in a beautiful hexagonal array. These can only be visualised under an electron microscope. Its formation begins with a small hexagonal plate, and branches grow from the six corners as the crystal grows larger. While the snowflake is falling from the sky, each crystal moves through different temperature and humidity zones in the atmosphere, and each change makes its arms grow differently. Thus, its end-shape is only determined by the exact path it moved through. As no two snow crystals follow the exact same path through the clouds, no two look perfectly alike.

The inspiration for the design of the jewellery derives from these geometrical and complex structures, ever-changing and natural. Abstracting and re-arranging these intricate forms resulted in the creation of unique pieces. The typology of each jewellery piece was dictated by a particular pattern. By repeating a process of adding thicknesses and subtracting different segments, the snow crystal started to become evident in the jewel.

The use of silver, a traditional material election is meant to contrast the complexity of the forms. Certain motifs connect the jewels throughout the collection, so the way in which some segments repeat themselves, generates an evident trajectory of the concept from one piece to the next.

The pieces are on show until 22 December

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to their website 

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