Wayne Hemingway

Wayne Hemingway

Wayne is a regular columnist for Sublime. He is co-founder of fashion label Red or Dead and in 1999 he set up his own fashion consultancy, HemingwayDesign joining forces with building firm Wimpey to work on various housing projects specialising in affordable and social design. He is also chairman of the South Coast Design Forum, and chair of Building For Life, the national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods forum.

The economic downturn might be cause for renewed hope, encouraging new graduates to apply for ‘safe’ public-sector jobs and contribute creatively to a shared future, as recent figures show. But how to keep all those creative minds from heading back to the ‘cool’ jobs once things start to get better?


Happily we are still human enough to react to economically driven attempts to kill off all that is imperfectly beautiful, diverse and subjectively alive in our humanity. But it has been a close-run thing.

Are we turning into a fearful, passive culture that finds it easier to blame others for our circumstances than take real responsibility for our lives? A culture where what is frankly foolish is celebrated, rather than what is wise searched out?

We have become the throwaway generation. But now that global recession has turned back the clock, could we relearn the thrifty, money-saving ways of those who have gone before us?

The secret of a lifelong partnership is teamwork: in the tough times, as well as when it’s fun. Last summer Mrs H and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. I always thought that silver weddings were something old people celebrated, but we are still young(ish). We met over 27 years ago as fresh-faced 19-and 20-year-olds (I bagged myself a young bride at Angels Disco, Burnley, Lancashire). Neither of us had ever thought we would marry so young but two years after we met, we made our parents cry – with joy, of course – at the local parish church.