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With exquisite prizes worth over £2500, we can’t help but to peek behind the door of this year's innovative fairtrade virtual advent calendar

The art of chocolate production can come with a cost to communities and the environment. Sublime talks to Juan Santelices to find out more about Pacari's mission to redefine the cocoa industry and fairly supporting local families of organic farmers.

Buying from independent online shops can make a huge difference to the green economy. Sublime recommends three companies that care for both people and the environment. Through purposeful production methods, educating consumers and giving back to the community, these businesses are casting the mould for a better world.

Is renewable the same as sustainable? How much do we actually think about biodiversity? The Swedish music artist Gaeya talks about changes she has seen first hand to Sweden’s beloved forests.

Sublime Magazine joins the Soil Association in #OrganicSeptember, a campaign dedicated to growing the organic market. With more of us seeking solutions to restore nature, our health, and a safe climate, becoming part of the organic movement can make a world of a difference. These six brands work towards precisely this: raising awareness and increasing wellness.