Mark Charlton

Mark Charlton

Since graduating in linguistics 10 years ago, Mark has travelled extensively, volunteering with various garden and sustainability projects, attending workshops about everything from foraging to philosophy. Food has always been his biggest passion, both academically and practically, and his exploration continues to reveal the many ways in which our relationship to it shapes our lives and connects us.

He recently joined 'Sunseed' after completing an internship in economic and rural development. He is interested in what living as part of a community entails in which similar beliefs about stewardship of the environment can be engaged with in both a pragmatic and intellectual way.

The modern world’s emphasis on a particular type of worldview has created a duality between our brain and body. Healing this disconnect can encourage a more holistic understanding of ourselves and help us approach global issues in a new way

Sustainability & Romance: The Miracle of LoveScience in the West is a massive contributor to the mainstream’s perception of the world. Technological advancement continues to bring society the most astonishing developments while the attitude of the scientist is notably more humble than ever, readily admitting that we may never know any answer

Ending the year and returning to home turf, Mark Charlton celebrates showering your loved ones with gifts that don’t cost the earth, thanks to a hidden gem in the desert. Find his exclusive interview with inspiring local business woman Jennifer Young of Naturalment Mediterraneo

In his 5th account – Sustainability and Psychiatry – Sublime magazine desert-dweller, Mark Charlton, finds out that a selfless and caring gesture can make a world of difference

A much-deserved trip to the city reminds semi-seasoned desert-dweller, Mark Charlton, than man cannot live on bread alone