John Wood

John Wood

John began his career as an artist who invented interactive sound systems and solar energy devices. Today, he is known in many countries for his many publications and radical design thinking. He is Emeritus Professor of Design at Goldsmiths, University of London and a Professor of Practice at Swansea College of Art, where he is helping to set up a Metadesign Research Centre. John co-founded the international Writing-PAD Network and is co-editor of the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. He is also an active founder-member of the cult rock band ‘Deaf School’.

Over the last few decades, many non-designers in business became fascinated by the idea of ‘design thinking’. So, why would we need to think beyond the scope of ‘design’ as we know it?

Why is Brexit causing such panic and incredulity among Europe’s political classes? Some conspiracy theorists blame Russia for our predicament, but it would only be fair to admit that it is also a peculiarly British saga

While the working poor are shopping at the local food bank, the smart money is being sucked into a black hole of hedge funds and murky derivatives

Many people are excited that we will soon be able to buy trips around the moon. The bad news is that we are creating what scientists call the era of the 'Anthropocene’

Several thousand years ago, the word ‘paradigm’ meant ‘supermodel’