John Grant

John Grant

John Grant co-founded St Luke’s the innovative and socially aware London ad agency. Working with clients such as the Body Shop as well as mainstream brands, St Luke’s pioneered the view of a company’s “Total Role in Society”. Since leaving in 1999 he has worked as an independent consultant. John’s recent clients include IKEA, innocent, LEGO, O2.

Marketing rightly has a mixed reputation. If you write a list of what is wrong with the world, marketing is implicated in overconsumption, inequality, fake news, populism, obesity, ocean plastic, climate change and so much more. But if you want to change the world fast – as we have to – then marketing can be pretty useful. Let’s start with why we need to change the world.

It's hard to stand by and do nothing with the daily news full of deforestation, refugees, poverty and hunger, climate change, and extinctions. Chefs are trying to make a difference.

As society moves away from the individualism and overt consumerism of recent decades, and we are being led to examine our actions and their effects on others, could it be that a new and more ethical background to our decision-making is emerging?

Ever wonder how life might be if there were no problems? Hard, isn’t it? Perhaps not, if you really stop and let yourself imagine

Postmodernism ushered in a brave new world of the personal. Life was as real – or not – as you wanted it to be. But the crises in finance, the environment and energy mean that we must now find a new reality – together