Jen Marsden

Jen Marsden

One of the original sustainability and ethical lifestyle journalists in the UK, long before green reached the mainstream. A former editor of New Consumer magazine and greenmystyle.com, Jen has edited and contributed to a wide range of publications. She's the author of a series of green lifestyle books, including Green Guide for Weddings, Green Guide for Home & Household, and Green Guide to Fashion & Beauty. A keen traveller, Jen spent many years living abroad and working in India and Kenya. Nowadays, Jen is based in the Scottish Highlands, using her expertise to run her sustainable communications consultancy, Madhatter Creative Co.

The use of toxic chemicals in the professional salon industry is more than a little hair-raising. New Swedish brand BRUNS is challenging the status quo.

Journalist Rachel Broady is passionate about challenging the stereotypes of people experiencing poverty, and decided the best place to begin was within her own industry. 

How far will you go to demand climate justice? Meet Pushpanath Krishnamurthy, an inspiring individual who literally walks the talk, as he embarks on a peaceful padayatra from London to Glasgow for COP26. Jen Marsden writes.

Spirits are getting a sustainable makeover. Jen Marsden delves into the complex history of rum and interviews Mauricio Solórzano, Global Ambassador of Flor de Caña Rum, the world’s first Fair Trade certified, Carbon Neutral rum.

How do our attitudes about the pandemic today influence our power to transform into a more sustainable future that centres around planetary health? From her experiences of living in India and championing ethical consumerism to the psychology of denial, Jen Marsden reflects.