Frances Corner

Frances Corner

Dr Frances Corner is a regular columnist for Sublime Magazine. As Head of London College of Fashion, Frances has recently pioneered the adoption of sustainable and ethical practice into the fashion education curriculum, creating the college's first Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

So wrote Bruce Chatwin in his lyrical novel The Songlines, which explores the nomadic qualities of our human existence. Is it possible that for us, some thirty years after this novel was written, his ideas about our constant need to discover and experience the new can shed light on how we develop a new relationship with our clothes? One where we value and treat our possessions more carefully and thoughtfully?

‘Clothes are inevitable. They are nothing less than the furniture of the mind made visible, the very mirror of an epoch’s soul’ - James Laver, Style in Costume

Wearers of non-leather shoes and accessories through conscious, ethical choice are in the minority. But is the leather industry as harmless to the environment as we’ve always assumed it to be (if our shopping habits are anything to go by)?

Fashion draws people together, women in particular. The London College of fashion is using the cohesive nature of fashion skilling to provide opportunities for women prisoners in education and future employment.