Franca Davenport

Franca Davenport

Franca writes on several sustainability subjects including eco-travel, renewable energy, transport, science and technology. She is both over-awed and overwhelmed by the amount of scientific research around sustainability and she hopes to do justice to some of the fascinating work going on this field.

With a scientific background and degrees in experimental and organisational psychology, she is interested by our relationship with the environment and how we connect to it individually and collectively. This extends to how we view and understand science in the sustainability debate and its representation in media.

From the nano to the planetary and from the quirky to the concerning she hopes to explore not just the science itself but how it is used, altered and sometimes ignored.

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Why is it when climate change or the environment is on the global agenda a real-life example rears its head? Whether its coincidence, divine intervention or simply the media touchpaper, perhaps science should make the most of it

As well as being a book The Frackers has the potential to be a film, a TV series and even a musical. Opening with the cast of main players and written at a cracking pace, it charts the developments of fracking that may be ground-breaking in more ways than one

Despite tradition, January is a difficult time to turn over a new leaf. However, a glance at our post-festive rubbish combined with insights from new scientific research on plastic waste could provide pointers as to where to make some changes

Uncertainty is inevitable in scientific research, especially around global issues of sustainability, so why do we find it so difficult to know that we don't know?

Science has been given a role in the protection of our earth and our future and, like any other superhero, it needs a good name. Albeit one that is difficult to say