Eoin Lynch

Eoin Lynch

Eoin Lynch is a writer, a filmmaker and a sailor.

He has a particular interest in all things related to the sea and works with a number of organisations that actively work to protect the environment and wildlife of the oceans.

Eoin has written on a diversity of subjects from finance to extreme sports, however he is increasingly specialising in the area of sustainable living and green economics. He has also written a number of documentaries, stage plays and is currently working on a novel.

Originally from Dublin, Eoin is now based in London.

There are many concerns over the future of the Arctic. From unsafe nuclear waste dumped in the region to the growing potential of oil spills. Many environmentalists have predicted that events, or a single event, will cause mass pollution in the region

Serena Brabazon is a woman with a vision. It is a vision to reclaim a part of the Irish landscape that has been destroyed by poor planning regulations and have resulted in over 600 ‘ghost housing estates’ lying derelict across the country