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Issue 9 - Innovate

Issue 9 - Innovate

Donald Sutherland



Ballet Boyz The Smai

Home Evolution

Dare To Be Different

Addicted To Novely

Refreshing Breaks

Milan Furniture Fair

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Energy innovation has become a matter of survival, thanks to global warming and peak oil.

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I am often asked, 27 years on, could Gerardine and I start our careers today in a similar way to how we started out back then. In 1981, while still in our teens, Gerardine and I emptied our wardrobes into Camden Market one Saturday morning – the rent was £6 and we took home just over £100. We returned the next morning, coughed up our £6, made a profit and realised that people liked our take on fashion. Gerardine, despite having no formal training, was then able to experiment with her dressmaking skills and opened a unit in that hotbed of creativity, Kensington Market. For £18 a week Gerardine could get direct feedback from the consumer, sit behind her sewing-machine and hone her skills, and Red or Dead was born. Soon after, we opened stalls within Affleck’s Palace and The Royal Exchange in Manchester and launched little shops in Soho. In the mid-80s we opened a store on Neal Street in Covent Garden, with a weekly rent of £60.

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Want to make your mark in the world? Sublime looks at what it takes to swim against the tide and live.

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Innovation – what is it, who does it, and how can it make the world a better place?

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A keen believer in Barack Obama, Donald Sutherland seems to have lost none of the revolutionary fire that helped make his name as one of the 1960s generation of Hollywood protesters.