Issue 4 - The Water Issue

Issue 4 - The Water Issue

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The Arctic Arc

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If the country were to bring in an international valuation company to value its assets then one of its most valuable holdings would certainly be its many miles of coastline, lakes, riverside and canal banks. People are drawn to the sea and in an increasingly crowded, stressful and fast-paced world, views out to oceans, bays, marshlands and mudflats are becoming more treasured. Add to that the increasing hassle of air travel, and you realise this national asset must be accumulating in value.

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Managing the supply and maintaining the quality of water is perhaps the greatest challenge facing mankind today. In this extract from his book Water Marq de Villiers asks if we are doing enough to preserve the future of our most precious resource.

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From crying tears to watching the waves, getting hold of water and getting rid of it, damming it, diverting it, and looking for it in space, water is present in every part of life; and it can tell us a lot about what we think we need, what we really need, and how we could do with a planet-sized stock take.

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For over 60 years, three generations of the Cousteau family have been part of the greatest exploration of the ocean in all of history. Their mission: to inspire and educate people throughout the world to act responsibly for the ocean’s protection and to document the critical connection between humanity and nature. Fabien Cousteau talks exclusively to Sublime about why protecting the Amazon river basin is vital for our future survival.