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Issue 15 - Renew

Issue 15 - Renew

Platform 21

Soul Power

Andrei Molodkin

New Vintage Fashion

Faces Of Church Street

El Ego Madrid

King Creosote And Pictish Trail

Shell Eco Marathon

The Maldives

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In October 1974, the most celebrated R&B and soul acts of the time descended on the African town of Kinshasa to perform in a three-day music festival, Zaire ’74...

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While Europe commits its grandchildren to a vast amount of monetary debt, President Mohamed Nasheed is making plans to secure future generations of the Maldives against environmental disaster

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Credit-crunch economics meets sustainability. Let’s put our creativity to good use as we seek to keep up with the times

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We have become the throwaway generation. But now that global recession has turned back the clock, could we relearn the thrifty, money-saving ways of those who have gone before us?

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As the governments of the Western world go head to head with protestors and industry chiefs who would like to see trade and the economy overhauled from the bottom up, could we really be on the brink of a new way of life