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Issue 11 - Nomad

Issue 11 - Nomad

Kings Of Leon

Yung Ho Chan

In The Paths Of The Smai

The Immigration Debate

Eco-Luxury Retreats

Capsule Fashion

Global Food Crisis

New-Generation Auto

Gobi Desert

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So wrote Bruce Chatwin in his lyrical novel The Songlines, which explores the nomadic qualities of our human existence. Is it possible that for us, some thirty years after this novel was written, his ideas about our constant need to discover and experience the new can shed light on how we develop a new relationship with our clothes? One where we value and treat our possessions more carefully and thoughtfully?

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I’ve had an interesting few weeks sitting on the Eco Towns Challenge Panel. The proposed eco town programme to deliver up to ten new settlements in England has naturally caused a major outbreak, nay plague, of nimbyism (Not In My Back Yard)

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The classic vacation for sun-hungry Brits is Spain, the second most popular global holiday destination after France. The World Tourism Organisation estimated 58.5m international visitors in 2006, collectively spending some US $51.1bn.

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A change in the pattern of the world’s economy has once again left the poor at the bottom of the pile. This time, it’s food itself that has become the game piece on the board of the moment.

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Where do we get our ideas of what, and who, is home? From the traditional Gypsy caravan to the brand-new nomads of constant connectivity, people all over the place are living by their own rules.