Thursday 13 February 2020

Conservation Collaboration

Written by Sublime Team

Conservation Collaboration

The European Nature Trust is working with tech giant Samsung to fund conservation projects across Europe through groundbreaking film screenings, events, and educational projects

The Importance of European Wildlife and Conservation Journeys, a co-hosted event at Samsung UK’s home of innovation this week, marked the start of an ongoing programme of activity for 2020. 

‘We will be showcasing a handful of European wildlife destinations as an alternative to overseas travel with a higher carbon footprint. In today’s climate, The European Nature Trust feels that conscious and forward-thinking companies need to show willingness to engage with well qualified causes that can help alleviate global warming and the extinction crisis,’ says founder Paul Lister.

The collaboration initiates with the premiere of Dehesa: Forest of the Iberian Lynx on 20th May 2020. Taking place at the British Film Institute in London, the evening will be a celebration of Spanish wilderness and culture, with proceeds going towards the CBD Habitat Foundation in Spain.

‘We are delighted to support The European Nature Trust and their valuable work in wildlife preservation. We know from working with a wide variety of important educational projects just how much innovation can support worthwhile causes such as this,’ says Damon Crowhurst, Head of Display for Samsung Electronics UK.

The European Nature Trust seeks to collaborate with a range of organisations and individuals to conserve our planet and maximise the impact on the ground – with no planet to live on, little else matters.