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Greener Marketing

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We are in a climate and ecological emergency. Don’t just take my word for it. 11,000 scientists signed a declaration in November 2019 saying as follows: Scientists have a moral…

What Can Chefs Do? (A Manifesto)

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Approximate reading time: 10 minutes Chefs care. It’s a profession marked out by passion. By love of food. By kitchen teams forged in challenging conditions. By quests to redefine what…

Coca-Cola World

Ever since we passed through that confusing fug called postmodernism, at the end of the last century, authenticity appears to have been something of a watchword. The postmodern view –…

Go With The Flow

Over the years that I’ve been writing a column for Sublime, I have been quietly beavering away in the background on a social venture called Ecoinomy. (Not so quietly now;…
Niklas Wikström

Too Much Information?

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Imagine, by some future quirk of human evolution, that telepathy is a reality. But there is a twist. Rather than hearing others’ thoughts in proximity as if they were auditory, and…

The Ultimate Remix

Imagine if all of human culture was represented by a single book, and the maximum size of this book was more or less fixed. Each generation would create their own…

Shaken Together

Exactly 255 years ago as I write, on All Saints Day in 1755 at 9.30 in the morning, an earthquake struck the city of Lisbon. It was the biggest ever…