Breathtaking Fusion: BEEN London X ReGo’s Captivating Limited Edition

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When remarkable visionaries unite, they don’t just create products; they craft stories. Dive into the world of BEEN London and ReGo as they merge creativity and purpose in their latest mesmerizing limited edition collection

Picture this: Luxurious recycled leather pouches, made even more extraordinary with zippers fashioned from knives once looming on London’s streets. This September, BEEN London and ReGo unravel the hidden potential of ‘waste’ – transforming it into a symbol of luxury and resilience. Beyond its aesthetics, the heart of this collection lies in its mission: every purchase fuels ReGo’s relentless efforts to uplift London’s youth.

Birthed from a powerful partnership between Catalyst In Communities and the London College of Fashion, ReGo has blossomed into a beacon for change, now known as the ReGo Collective. Their recent collaboration with BEEN London during Fashion Revolution Week 2023 was nothing short of inspirational. In the spirit of long-standing support for ReGo, Laura Santamaria, Editor in Chief of Sublime, joined the judging panel for this design competition. They championed young minds to design a unique zip puller for the limited-edition BEEN London pouches. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and BEEN London’s commitment to sustainability, these talented individuals unveiled designs that serve as beacons of hope against East London’s knife crime epidemic.

The ‘pièce de résistance’ of the collection is the award-winning design by Tolu Ashiru, inspired by a confiscated knife. Through her lens, it’s an eye peeking from a balaclava – a potent symbol frequently resonating with youths affected by knife crime. Reflecting on her creation, Ashiru shares, “The motif sheds light on societal stereotypes, the struggle for identity, and the yearning for belonging. It’s more than a design; it’s a dialogue about turning lives around.”

Tolu Ashiru explains the concept behind her winning design.

The spirit of ‘circularity’ lies at the heart of this BEEN London x ReGo endeavor. Both entities emphasize evolution, transformation, and, most importantly, looping back to enrich local communities. It’s a dance between reimagining materials and echoing lived experiences, fostering a true sense of belonging and driving tangible change.

Francesco Mazzarella, a driving force behind ReGo, enthuses, “This partnership captures ReGo’s essence. Leveraging the potency of creativity, it propels society forward, spotlighting the transformative journey of our youth.” Echoing this sentiment, Genia Mineeva of BEEN London muses, “Our shared narrative emphasizes rebirth – be it from waste or societal issues. This collection is a testament to the elegance of activism in fashion.”

Left to right: Monica Buchan-Ng (Head of Knowledge Exchange at Centre for Sustainable Fashion), Laura Santamaria (Founder of Sublime), Tolu Ashiru (competition winner), Genia Mineeva (Founder of BEEN London) and Cosima Hornak (Head of Design at BEEN London).

Now, you hold the power to be part of this tale. Shop the collection, embrace the narrative, and wear your statement of change. It’s more than fashion; it’s a revolution.

Discover the BEEN London X ReGo Collection here.

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