22 November 2011

The Viral Storm

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Nathan Wolfe was a professor of human biology who worked as a professional advisor on the movie Contagion. In his book The Viral Storm he presents the nature of the pandemic and the systems that have been set in place to prevent and control them

With the human race constantly under threat of total annihilation, either from weapons of mass destruction or natural disaster, it is interesting to know that we are surrounded by a ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ world, where ‘the unseen life is the truly dominant life on our planet’.   

Wolfe tells the story of how deadly viruses such as HIV, bird flu and swine flu have crept into the ‘seen world’ and evolved side by side with human beings. Having been in danger of total extinction from these viruses in the past, Wolfe says that contemporary human populations are now even more susceptible to pandemics.
With extensive research done mainly in central Africa and parts of the
US and India, The Viral Storm was birthed from Wolfe’s own experiences at these locations, and of the people and their way of life.

Wolfe helps combat the viruses with new technologies aimed at neutralising them in remote areas where they flourish most, so
winning the biggest war against humanity. 

Wolfe’s challenging vision and intelligent foresight will change the way we think about viruses and humanity’s place in the natural world.

The Viral Storm by Nathan Wolfe Allen Lane, £14.99 

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