14 March 2013

The Sweetness Of Life

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…Long conversations at twilight, kisses on the back of the neck, the smell of warm croissants in the street, winks of complicity, the moment when all nature falls silent…

The Sweetness of Life by Francoise Heritier

French anthropologist Françoise Héritier has taken her vast life experience and poured it into this captivating book. It is essentially a long list of her favorite things in life, which at first glance may seem like a boring read.

However, Héritier holds your interest with an endless reel of humorous, thought-provoking and heartwarming musings. At only 71 pages it can be easily read in one sitting or can be flicked through at the end of a long day with the end result being a smile on the reader’s face every time.

It blends moving, personal reflections with seemingly mundane ones and you find yourself chuckling in mutual recognition at many of her observations.

This international, number one bestseller has been translated into English for the first time and the English-speaking world are all the better for it. The pressures of modern life often cause us to overlook the small joys of our existence but The Sweetness Of Life serves to remind you what we are missing out on. 

‘I get the impression that I’m undermining banks already on the point of collapse. After all, I’m giving you ammunition for the day when, in twenty years time, people ask you what I was like’ Françoise Héritier

The Sweetness Of Life by Françoise Héritier (Particular Books) £9.99

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