07 March 2011

The Global Forest

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Beautifully composed, The Global Forest takes the reader on a journey through a colourful array of trees in all their glory

The Global ForestFrom the holly to the savannah, the incredible magnificence, value and purpose of trees is fully explored. Beresford-Kroeger draws the reader in to the enchanting forest, leading us chapter by chapter into the life and times of some amazing, natural beauty. Many of us have seen the speeded-up footage of the secret life of trees: the tree does indeed have an invisible life, and unless the camera is set to fast-forward, so much remains unnoticed to the natural eye. 

Beresford-Kroeger brings that hidden world to life. Trees are home to many creatures that live off the nutrients to be found in and around them; or find comfort or solace in its canopy of protection. The glimpse into the inner life of these humble phenomena that stand with such dignity and strength is powerful and engaging enough to lead us to view the natural world around us with a renewed sense of awe, beauty 
and passion. 

Reading this book is a truly inspiring experience.

The Global Forest: 40 Ways Trees Can Save Us 
by Diana Beresford-Kroeger (Particular Books) £12.99

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