16 May 2011

Seedbombs: Going Wild with Flowers

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Josie Jeffery has been seedbombing for three years, having had the best education: she grew up living on a bus with her family who collected and distributed seeds and rescued tree saplings from roadsides on their travels

SeedbombsHearing the word ‘seedbomb’ on the radio, Josie had a moment of recognition and before long, was doing workshops across the country in museums, festivals, schools and fairs. That seed had fallen in fertile soil, and now seedbombs are an important part of the recent phenomenon of guerrilla gardening, while Josie has a thriving business.

This introduction to seedbombing is a delightful sort of anti-intellectual, anti-establishment invitation to learn about plants through having fun. It’s a dynamic encouragement to think more broadly about our urban environment, and to impact it positively. As well as giving a flavour of her roots, a comprehensive introduction to seedbombing, a history of guerrilla gardening, a directory of plants and fascinating pages about seeds, Jeffery presents 13 seedbomb recipes, carefully designed to attract wildlife, stimulate the senses or feed the family.

Attractively designed and replete with Q&A and handy glossary, this should be a vital handbook for those who wish to make their lives, and their immediate environment, a more fertile place. 

Seedbombs: Going Wild with Flowers by Josie Jeffery (Leaping Hare Press) £9.99

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