21 September 2010

Four Fish: A journey from the Ocean to Your Plate

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Four Fish begins with the thirteen-year-old Greenberg doing what he loves most off Long Island Sound near New York: fishing. Selling his surplus catch in the car park of his school to badly paid teachers, Greenberg adhered to sustainability standards long before they became necessary buzzwords

Four Fish: A journey from the Ocean to Your Plate by Paul GreenbergHis qualifications indisputable, Greenberg’s enquiries on how we fish salmon, sea bass, cod and tuna led him on a journey to Alaska, Israel and the Shetlands, where he spends time with a cast of fascinating characters. Where consumers consume – our intake of fish has doubled over the last fifty years as stocks are depleted – Greenberg considers the deep and meaningful questions. The advantages of wild over farmed fishing; whether humankind can live in harmony with marine life, or inherently needs to tame and control it; the need for us to become ‘herders’ or stewards of fish rather than hunter-gatherers, are just a few. 

Abounding in insights and interesting detail, Greenberg’s conclusions and proposals for solutions should become a benchmark for how we collectively approach the problems of sustaining the fish populations in our seas. Framed by a scene of recent fishing with his daughter, it is his love of relationship – father to daughter, humankind to their environment – that prevails. With the same consideration of the journey for the fish from sea to plate, these mysterious creatures stand a good chance of prevailing, too.

Four Fish: A journey from the Ocean to Your Plate by Paul Greenberg (Penguin) £14.99

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