25 October 2012

Annie Bell's Baking Bible

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Love baking? Spread the love and make someone happy this weekend with your very own home-baked delight

We all like to be treated but at Sublime, we agree with the saying that ‘it is better to give than to receive’. I agree also, that not all of us are domestic goddesses and some will even back off at the thought of producing, with our own hands, something more ambitious than a school-sale tray bake.

And that’s when tips from a pro like Annie Bell come in handy...

I just got hold of a copy of her newly released Baking Bible. Each and every recipe in this book has been designed to succeed first time round. Whether it’s the perfect Victoria sponge cake filled with fluffy buttercream and jam, Devil's Food Cake, a proper New York Cheesecake or a classic Bakewell Tart, Annie Bell gives you the techniques that produce perfect results, without practising.

So, what can go wrong? Switch off that telly and head straight to the kitchen for a rewarding creative session. Become a baking guru in less than two hours, plus delight in the smile of whoever is the lucky one to receive the precious treat.

Here’s one to get you started.


Annie Bell's Baking Bible is published by Kyle Books RRP is £25 but you cangrab a copy for £20 at


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